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Keynote Speaker

Everyone in this world was born with a special power, something they are gifted with from God that they can do better than 95% of the population. My special power is influence.

From three decades of experience and from studying the hidden traits of the most influential people in history both past and present, Strategic Mass Influence came to be. It is the combination of my God-given special powers and the proven techniques of our world's greatest leaders that allows me to elevate the influential power of those who seek to become more successful and effective in their daily walk of life.

For a dynamic, energetic, informative, transformative, life-changing, and entertaining keynote experience, inquire within!



Tech Talk Blog

Come and learn about smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, the high-speed mobile network, and just about anything else related to electronics and gadgets

The world of technology is changing at break-neck speed. It's almost impossible to stay on top of the barrage of information thrown at us daily. I'll keep you in-the-know on what you NEED to know.

In the market for a smartphone and don't know what to buy? Come check out my special reports and recommendations, and let me help you cut through all the confusion!

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Business Marketing

Business owners, real estate agents, sales professionals, and organizational leaders all need to be as efficient as possible to keep up with the break-neck pace of today's marketplace.

Marketing strategy changes each and every day, thanks to the rapid pace of technological advancement and social media.

As I often ask those who are searching for a way to become more effective in what they do, "why advertise whenyou can have mass influence instead?"