All About Carlton Flowers

I am Carlton. And these are the many hats that I wear. If you want to get to know me and understand what I am all about, take a few minutes and let me share with you what my life is all about, and what things are most important to me.

Carlton The Keynote Speaker & Seminar Trainer

I love to talk. I love relating to people. This gives me my life energy. It is the core of what motivated me to become a keynote speaker and seminar trainer, roughly 25 years ago. I am born from two life-long educators, and my passion to teach & motivate is in my genes. I love helping people experience life changing breakthrough moments when they discover their true potential. I'm energized by opening eyes that discover different points of view. I love to teach, empower, motivate, and incite change. I am Carlton the Keynote Speaker & Seminar Trainer.

Carlton The Entrepreneur

I have attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity (ADDHD). When tested, my evaluation was "extremely deviant from the norm". This is why I love to create, explore, and funnel my energy into entrepreneurship. I'm a risk-taker. I started my first business project when I was in the 6th grade, selling packaged fresh strawberries from my family's garden. Now I have 7 business projects, ranging from Gadget Gurus, to Scott Health Systems, and even Web App Concepts. I love chasing dreams and conquering business startup success. I am Carlton the Entrepreneur.

Carlton The Civil Engineer

I always loved math and science. My dear uncle Dan, who I miss greatly, was the one who helped me seal my decision to become an engineer when I was in the 5th grade. Through blood, sweat, and tears, I earned my a degree in Civil Engineering from Missouri University in 1990. I have worked in the engineering profession for over 25 years, ranging from highway and transportation design to environmental engineering. I am Carlton the Civil Engineer.

Carlton The Writer

I was raised by picky parents who pestered me to punctuate properly, who prepped me from primary school to have proper penmanship. I was raised to respect the English Lexicon, to pay attention to the details of grammar, and to always use proper diction in order to express myself in a most respectful way. What I once thought was a pain grew to a love for writing. My blog site, once in the top 2% of the world according to Alexa, is the result of my parent's relentless teaching, and my love for writing. I have written books, guides, articles, educational concepts like Strategic Mass Influence. I will be wordsmithing until the day I die. I am Carlton the Writer.

Carlton The Artist & Musician

I was born into a musical family. It wasn't a choice. My father is a career music educator. The piano lessons started at age 6. Singing in the church choir developed my voice. The slide trombone is what I mastered in high school. But I love creating music, composing music, and mastering as many instruments that I can possibly spend time with. My favorite musical accomplishment? Growing my own rock band and playing loud music with my children.

I love art. My mother was a natural, and I was lucky enough to inherit her ability. I express myself through calligraphy, airbrush art, portraits, and custom auto body paint jobs. I am Carlton, the Artist & Musician.

Carlton The Family Man

I have been blessed to be with my lovely wife for 30 years. She is my best friend. Growing up in a family of 4 siblings, I wanted the same experience with my wife. My 4 children are the extension of our eternal love. Scott Lawrence, Erika Denise, Syndey Dana Marie, and Christian Alexander are the miracle manifestation of God's greatest gift to us. Our family. Nothing is more important to me. I am Carlton, the Family Man.

Let's talk, let's relate. Come get to know me. I am Carlton Flowers!