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AutoFlex™ Professional Grade Spray Coating Service Is Here!

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Welcome to the Color Boss AutoFlex™ professional grade spray coating information page! Here you will learn about benefits and advantages of the flagship removable spray coating product made by the DipYourCar company for professional auto body shop application.

What Is AutoFlex™ Spray Coating?

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First was automotive paint. Then vinyl wrap. Plasti Dip rubberized coating came on the scene next, and now we have AutoFlex™. What exactly is AutoFlex™, you ask? It’s the first peelable high-durability professional grade automotive paint.

AutoFlex™ is a revolutionary way to protect your car, change the color, or customize it without affecting the original paint finish. It’s an alternative to vinyl wrapping or refinishing and repainting. AutoFlex™coatings are sprayed on in the same way the standard automotive paints are applied in a body shop.

AutoFlex™ coating is heavily pigmented to achieve quick, safe color coverage. It has advanced strength and durability that is unmatched by any competitive product and creates a hard, strong finish after it is applied.

WHAT ARE THE AutoFlex™ Advantages?

AutoFlex™ High Gloss is the glossiest top coat made by the DipYourCar company, and it is capable of replicating factory finishes or better. But as you will read, the advantages go far beyond looks alone. There are many advantages.

This breakthrough chemical-resistant coating stands up to the elements quite well, providing protection against exposure to the hot summer sun, ice and snow in the winter time, road salt, and more. Applied properly. Vehicles that have been coated with AutoFlex have been known to show no signs of wear five years after being applied.

Flexibility - The Main Differentiator

The fact that it is a flexible coating means that it will not crack and flake off when the metal surfaces of a vehicle expand and contract as they are heated up and cooled. That’s durability that you just can’t get with standard automotive paint.


Instead of getting hard and brittle like automotive clear coat, the AutoFlex™ topcoats stay flexible even over long periods of time and outdoor exposure. The ability to remain flexible allows the topcoats to move and stretch with the rubber base coats when it’s time for removal. The malleability makes it possible to be peeled off in the future.

Unmatched Protection for your Vehicle

Preserving your vehicle's custom coating is of the utmost importance! For the best protection, you can opt for the Spray Shield™ protection to be applied when your car is painted. It fights against scratches, nicks, chips, and road debris.

Regular maintenance is also an important part of keeping your car protected, and it's easy with AutoFlex™ coatings. You can wash and wax your car just like normal after it has been treated with AutoFlex. You can even wax and polish the surface to give it more protection and shine.

Reach out to us today about getting your custom AutoFlex™ project started! Send an email to and get a quote. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination!

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