Strategic Mass Influence - The Basic Tactics

In this video series, you'll get the foundation of mass influence. These three steps will teach you what you'll learn, give you the foundation to the next step, and also challenge your thinking.

Basic Tactics Video 1.jpg

Introducing the smi basic tactics - what you will learn

This video will give you an overview of what you're going to learn in the Basic Tactics training module. You'll learn a lot of new things here, and this set will challenge your thinking. Prepare to launch the journey!

Your writing assignment is to give the detailed reason why you are taking the course, and what you expect to be able to accomplish after completion.

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strategic mass influence explained, world leaders, and creation of reality

What is "Strategic Mass Influence", and how do you arrive at a level where you can activate such power? Learn how reality is created out of nothing from those who have this power.

Your writing assignment is to pick one influential leader from the examples given, and what attributes they possess that you would like to model for your own influence power.

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Breaking down the barriers and the loyal tribe

There are some barriers that have to be broken down before you can build a rabid, loyal tribe. Do you want to have an army of loyal ambassadors who march out every day advancing your cause?

Your writing assignment is to give an example of a person in history who had a loyal army of people willing to advance a specific cause, without being paid or coerced.