All Quiet On The Gadget Front - October 2012


If you haven't noticed, my blog activity has been close to dead for the past 30 days. Why? Because nothing excites me except impatiently waiting for the Galaxy Note 2 to arrive in the US, namely with AT&T Wireless.

My impatience and anticipation has caused me to turn a deaf ear to any and all gadget talk as of recent. At first, I thought it was writer's block. But it's not. It is clearly the fault of the upcoming brontosaurus-sized smartphone that Samsung has yet to release into my awaiting hands.

We should see a grand event on October 24th, 2012 in New York City. Whether or not this means the Galaxy Note 2 will be on the shelves in my local AT&T Store is another question. But I'm sure it won't be long until it will be stocked.

I've had a lot of mixed feelings this month regarding my Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone. It has been my most favorite beloved device of my entire life, and I don't know if I will be sad to see it go just yet. Will I long for the 4.3" size after I get my new Galaxy Note 2 that practically requires a backpack to haul around? I don't know.

The prediction that I have for myself is that I will not mind the huge size, because the Note 2 will replace my need for a tablet. I will probably be more than satisfied thanks to all of the new features, the larger display, and the functional S Pen stylus that comes with the unit.

But I truly hope that the larger 5.5" size doesn't become a burden. I already have a situation on my hands, literally. The 4.3" display of my Galaxy S2 is big enough that I can't reach the upper left corner of the screen with my thumbs while using the device one-handed.

But will this be an annoyance with the Galaxy Note 2, or a blessing in disguise? I mean, let's look at it this way... if the display is more than an inch greater in diagonal size, maybe I won't even attempt to use the smartphone with one hand. This could cut down on a lot of uneccesary acrobatic handling.

Who knows... maybe this will encourage me to only pick up my device when I truly need to peck out an email, important text, or surf the net. That could make me more efficient in other activities I need to be doing without having one hand and half of my brain tied up in my device.

I'm also predicting that my office desk will become a lot less cluttered with papers and sticky notes. With the Galaxy Note 2 and the handwriting recognition software, I shouldn't have any reason to be hoarding paper notes any longer. We'll just have to see if this becomes true once I get the phablet in my hands.

Overall, I'm looking forward to jumping on the Galaxy Note 2 upgrade as soon as I am elible with extra cash in my hands for the down payment of what I would think will end up being $200.

Until then, I'll see if I can kick-start the creative process and actually pay attention to the hot topics in the tech sector. Your comments and suggestions are welcomed!

Carlton Flowers
Lazy Note 2 Anticipator