Blogging On The Go With Mobile Apps

Blogging on the go. It's the new thing. I'm creating this blog post with an Android app on my Samsung Galaxy S2.

This is yet another feature that has me ready to jump ship and move The Carlton Zone to SquareSpace. I have been eyeballing mobile app blogging for quite some time, and I think I will get great use out of it.

Paired with an external full-size bluetooth keyboard, I can compose blog posts with ease right here on my smartphone. I can even take pictures while I'm on the go, and drop them into a blog post after I've written it up.

Having several platforms to be able to compose new content is a huge plus. I'll be able to do my main composition at home in the Man Cave on my main computer, on my HP laptop while travelling, and lastly, on my mobile device with my external keyboard.

If you are an avid blogger, and you're trying to raise your site page rank and smash the search engine results pages (SERPs) for your keywords, having as many platforms to create content so that you can post whenever inspiration hits is a must.

But back to the original topic... everything is going mobile. Websites are being optimized to be viewed on mobile devices, and apps are being written every single day for things that would generally only be possible to execute on a desktop computer.

If you are not focused on the growing mobile community and the increasing percentage of smartphones in the overall pool of cell phone use, you better wake up. The train will pass you by.

Anything that you are doing regarding marketing as a business better be optimized for mobile, or your efforts might go unseen in the near future.

That's about all I have to say about that. I really just wanted to drone on as long as I could to test out this app.

Keepin' it real.

Carlton Flowers
Mobile Blogging Man