The Nokia Lumia 900 Adrenaline Rush - My Initial Experience!


Boys and girls, I have looked forward to this day for over a month. I now have my hot hands on a Nokia Lumia 900 with Windows Phone Mango, from AT&T Wireless. It has my blood pumping fast and furiously!

I have only spent 24 hours with this handset. I've decided that I had to write an initial post right off the bat because I have so much to say about this smartphone already.

First of all, my expectations have been met without question. I was predicting a serious adrenaline rush from trying out this phone, and I am not disappointed one little bit. As soon as I turned it on and connected with "Windows Live" to load my contacts, it has been a great experience.

Just holding the phone in my hands when I plucked it out of the box let me know that it is one solid and durable unit. The composite body will not show scratches. I gave it a try with my fingernail, and could not create a mark.

Plus, it looks like it was designed to prevent breakage and scratching on the screen. There's a thin rim that is raised slightly above the surface of the display. I'm thinking this rim would prevent a lot of scratching on the glass since it is just a fraction of an inch higher than the screen. I've never seen this in a smartphone.

The physical buttons are easy to access, and I like the simplicity of the three software buttons too. You get a back button, a "home" button (the Windows logo) in the middle, and a search button.

As far as the interface, I love it! Windows Phone Mango is completely different than anything I've tried. Comparing this to Android (which to me is just a modified and ramped-up version of iOS) and Apple's iOS5, they've broken the paradigm on what a mobile interface should look like and feel.

To me, Windows Phone Mango is so much more intuitive than anything else. The tiles are easy to see, and it seems like everthing is more "integrated" than what you have with iOS and Android. The lines are blurred between apps, texting, calling, and emailing. They seem to have been able to successfully create a system that is centered on common tasks, versus apps and functions.

Another huge thing I love about Windows Phone Mango on this smartphone is the virtual keyboard. Up until now, I would say that Apple's virtual keyboard has the best feel of any device on the market. Android has some nice choices, like Swype, but the feel of the Apple layout and responsiveness is just better. But the keyboard on this Nokia Lumia smokes them both. It "feels" better, and I can text with ease.

Earlier today, the battery on my Samsung Galaxy S2 went completely dead and I could not revivie the phone. It forced me to have to use the Lumia 900 for the rest of the day. Thanks to that, I have been forced to figure out this phone. It has been super easy. And the more time I spend on it, the more I like it.

I'm going to stop right here and save the rest for the "real" review. But I'll tell you right now, I don't know what all the criticism over this phone is all about... this is an incredible smartphone. I'll still stick to my guns and say that Nokia & Microsoft will have the entire industry tied down within 3 years flat. Watch out!

Carlton Flowers
Supreme Smartphone Advisor


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