Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Revealed - New Features Impress


The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 specs are out of the bag! I am VERY excited with what has been revealed, and this all but cinches my next smartphone buying decision.

The size of the Galaxy Note 2 will be the same, but the screen will be stretched to 5.5" diagonally, just like the rumors predicted.

The shape of the device is very similar to the Samsung Galaxy S3 form factor. This makes me happy. Quite happy indeed.

They have managed to make the device thinner, coming in at only 9.3mm. That more than makes up for the large size, in my opinion.

Its got a 1.6GHz quad core cpu and a whopping 2Gb of RAM. That makes this a powerful tablet device that should cut through apps and multitask with ease.

It will be packing a rather large 3100mAh battery, which is probably needed for the jumbo sized Super AMOLED display.

What I am most excited about is the improved S Pen stylus, and the "Air View" functions.

Air View allows you to hover the stylus over certain applications and get a preview without interrupting the current display.

Plus it will allow you to create video preview windows over top of running apps. That will take mobile multitasking to a level never seen before.

There are some other exciting things like the ability to notate pictures on the device, and then share them. Plus,  the software will have several new and improved functions.

We'll talk about this and much more soon. But in the meantime, we'll just pray that Apple doesn't find a way to throw a wrench in this gorgeous, beautiful device's future before it hits the shelves.

Do you plan on getting a Galaxy Note 2 phablet, or is this out of your size range? Sound off!

Carlton Flowers
Phuture Phablet Phreak