$450 Of Encouragement To Switch From T-Mobile To AT&T


Have you heard the recent news in the world of the mobile phone wars? This is a pretty good one, I'll say. AT&T has taken the offensive on the forefront of the battle with T-Mobile, and this could be a serious volley.

If you switch from T-Mobile to AT&T, you will be given a $200 credit, plus another $250 credit when you trade your T-Mobile phone for a new AT&T smartphone. That's 450 reasons to encourage you to switch, if you were thinking about it anyway.

I was a fence-rider a few years ago, with 3 lines on AT&T and one line with T-Mobile. I had a nasty breakup with T-Mobile after the local sales reps smooth-talked my wife into upgrading to a "4G" smartphone, despite the fact that T-Mobile only had 2G data coverage in our area.

I would have jumped on this deal quicker than you could text the word "SEEYA!" if I still had the lone T-Mobile account, but I don't. However, for those residing in the Central Missouri area who are frustrated with T-Mobile's lack of high speed data coverage, I highly recommend that you jump on this deal ASAP.

Keep in mind, this is a potential $450 credit per line that you switch over to AT&T. The $200 is automatic, but the $250 depends on how recent your T-Moble smartphone is. I would assume that the newest models will be the ones receiving the full $250 credit.

If you are feeling froggy and frustrated from fretting over forgettable service from T-Mobile, go to http://www.att.com/att/switcherpromo/#fbid=-L-ygwMpoWh and AT&T will walk you through the process. It looks pretty straight forward and simple. I don't think you have much to lose with this offer, and it probably won't last long.

So there you have it. Light at the end of the dark tunnel for Central Missouri T-Mobile folks looking to bail.

Carlton Flowers
Smartphone Purveyor