HCG Diet Drops - Is This A Legitimate Weight Loss Solution?


The HCG Diet has generated a significant amount of buzz in the news over the past few years. It is touted to be an agressive way help individuals who are overweight to lose body fat in a safe way. Several questions arise in the minds of people seeking to lose significant weight with the help of HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadatropin.

Does it really work? Is it safe? If it does, can you maintain your new weight after completing the diet along with the HCG supplement?

I'll be the frst to tell you that I was highly skeptical of this product when I first caught wind of it on several talk shows. But after seeing several friends and colleagues who reported losing upwards of 50 pounds or more, I decided to investigate HCG a bit further.

There's one fact I could not deny, the use of HCG for significant weight loss is controversial, and there are several strong opinions on both sides of the fence. Some strongly believe that all of its claims are false, but several others, even some healthcare professionals, tout its ability to work effectively.

I've spoken to people who have had the HCG therapy via injection, and also those who have taken it as a liquid via a dropper sublingually (under the tongue). Both groups of HCG consumers have had the same level of success with the product.

I've also spoken to people who have tried HCG therapy who did not have much luck losing weight. Digging a little further, the most common reasons would be failure to curtail social eating, eating out of plain boredom when not hungry, and failing to make an effort at changing the diet and eating right.

All of this motivated me to become my own "human guinea pig", and try the product myself. Even though I had already lost the bulk of my weight (about 55 pounds), I was still 15 pounds over my ideal weight so I had something to work with.

Another motivation that I had was the constant barrage of people asking me what I recommend for losing significant weight, since I had somehow "figured out" the connundrum of getting rid of fat. Being that I am a cardio workout trainer, people often look to me for answers.

I searched near and far for the right product to buy. I almost bought a cheap version of HCG drops from a couple of widely known discount retail superstores. But that idea quickly faded when two colleagues that successfully lost over 50 pounds using HCG told me to be wary of cheap versions, because you "get what you pay for".

I hit the internet and started a deep search. I narrowed down the search to three seemingly reputable sources, and I chose the one that was backed up by a team of homeopathic and naturalpathic doctors. I spoke to them live, asked tons of questions, and made my choice after discovering how extensive their manufacturing facility was.

I tried the homeopathic version of HCG and lost 9 pounds in 10 days. I had been stuck at 181 pounds for over a year, and that was with intense daily physical exercise. I was overjoyed with the success I had using the HCG drops.

The most notable thing about using the HCG drops was the fact that my appetite took a nose dive. This left me with the ability to choose wisely what I would eat each day. I didn't do the silly 500 calorie-per-day diet, but chose to eat around 1500 per day instead... and it worked for me.

This answered my question of whether or not the weightloss was just due to a lower calorie diet, or if it was really the HCG tearing into my fat supply. I could see a visible difference in my body fat, and everyone I know noticed immediately. I did lose fat, but did not lose any muscle mass.

My success with the Homeopathic HCG led me to not only recommend it to friends and family, but to start a business distributing the product for the supplier I had chosen. I got my state business license, applied for a dealer license with the company, and have embarked upon a new business venture.

My advice to people trying to lose weight with HCG drops is a little different. I believe in a daily regimen of at least moderate exercise, plus a sensible diet of 1000 calories or more. For those that cannot exercise at all, my recommendation is to lower daily caloric intake before starting on the product.

Because of strict FDA rules and regulations, I can't make any definitive statements on whether or not Homeopathic HCG diet drops will work for you. But if you are at your wits' end, and are seriously seeking a change in your life, it is something you have to decide to try.

Ask around, do some research, and make your own opinion. Then come back to speak to me about the best homeopathic HCG solution on the market... and I'll back up that statement, leaving you with no doubts.

Stay heathy, and plan for success!

Carlton Flowers
Fitness Trainer, homeopathic health nut

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