Where Can I Get Answers To Life Questions? New App Has Answers!


Where can I get answers? People often ask this question... answers to what, you ask? To anything about life in general! We've all seen Ask.com and Yahoo Answers, but there's a hot new app on the market that is a social media community of people asking real questions, and giving real answers. It's called TextThatQ!

The app was the product of creative genius Jake Seeman, who is the CEO of CoMo Coding LLC. He was joined by Chief Programming Engineer Stephen Lindauer, who completed all of the coding for the app.

What makes this new app unique, and separates it from all the rest, is the fact that it is an anonymous social media communtiy. Instead of asking "experts" or "fact hunting", you have the chance to chat with a complete stranger about anything on your mind.

Some people ask silly questions, some ask real serious questions about problems or challenges they are having in life. But the key to what makes this app so much fun is that you are getting answers from random strangers.

There's a signifiant number of folks out there who want to know what "normal" or regular every-day-life type people think about the stuff that presses them the most. It could be a random opinion about a reltationship issue, or getting feedback on their point of view on something.

Or, some people just show up because they are bored, or lonely, and they can have instant access to strangers that will talk with them and help them pass the time. That's the beauty of TextThatQ. It can be used in many different ways.

Something else that sets this new community apart from the rest is the fact that you can add "interests" and "criteria" to the questions that you post. For example, a young lady might want to hear the opinions from only guys, between the ages of 21 to 30, who like the outdoors, sports, traveling, and have a college background. The app looks for available users that fit her custom set of criteria, and then ships them the question.

After receiving her answer, she can give it a "thumbs up" or a "thumbs down", and also chose to carry on a conversation. Users rack up points on a monthly basis and compete for the top 5. Prizes and recognition are awarded for the top users, which adds a sense of competition to the community.

TextThatQ was originally made for the iPhone, utilizing iOS 5.0 or higher. You can load it on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Soon, there will be a web-based app that will run on all platforms including Android devices. But there are also plans for making an Android-based app for the Google Play store too.

It's been a phenomenal time since the app launched in mid-January of 2013. There are high expectations for the app, and the activity has been growing strong. I'll be posting regular updates over time, as we try to break into the elite group of social media platforms this year with our unique idea.

Have an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch? Jump to the app store and download your copy now. It's completely free! Come tap into the action and chat it up with a stranger today!

Carlton Flowers
Vice President, CoMo Coding, LLC
Creators of "TextThatQ"