Blogging From Mobile Devices - Key To Staying Current?

I am writing this blog post from an iPad 2, one of several mobile devices that I own. I'm always in search of new ways to publish content to my blog. Why? 

Because l am so busy.

As the owner of five businesses and a full time engineering job, I don't always have access to my main computer work station or my laptop. So I've been hunting for quick and easy ways to blog on the go as inspiration hits me.

I've tried uploading content from my smartphone, but it just isn't practical. It's too much of a pain typing, and getting the format right. But the iPad could be the answer to my problem! 

I'm not using an external keyboard, just typing on the screen which seems to be easier. If this works out, I might settle in with the iPad as my primary mobile device for blogging. 

The advantages to mobile blogging Make it worth the effort. 

First off, you have the ability to get that cutting edge blog post written at the moment of inspiration. If you're like me, you'll end up with a five mile long list of blog topics to write in the future if you don't knock them out immediately. 

Secondly, you are able to keep your site full of content and attracting traffic. Every post doesn't have to be richly laden with graphics and video. Sometimes it's just the written content that provides information or a solution to what people are searching for. 

Lastly, it keeps you in the flow of writing, and thus keeps you from going through bouts of writers block. Once you get into the habit of writing every day, you lessen your chances of getting stuck.

Do you blog from a mobile platform, or do you prefer to stick to writing from your laptop or desktop computer? Share your thoughts and let me know! 

Carlton Flowers
The Gadget Guru