CZ Audio Podcast Is Back! Is iPhone 5C Influencing Samsung?


I have finally gotten around to getting back to my audio podcasting. I'd like to know from you, my great CZ Blog gang, whether or not you would like to see more audio podcasts like this posted to the site to fill up all the dead space between my fantastic blog posts.

I tend to write in streaks, and then disappear into the land of being "too busy". But as much of a talker that I am, it's very easy for me to post audio content to the site as opposed to writing the super fabulous techno nerd content that you've enjoyed for so long.

Post your thoughts in the comments section on what you think of more frequent audio podcasts. You can even suggest topics for discussion, ask questions, or even request a song selection for me to sing. I'll leave that up to you.

But in today's podcast, we'll talk about the release of the new iPhone 5S and 5C, and what surprising twist has popped up in terms of sales for Apple. Also, has the iPhone 5C influenced Samsung in some special way? Find out how in the podcast!

Looking forward to hearing back from you, and here's your audio podcast. Just click the podcast image or the link below and it will open up your mobile device media player:


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Carlton Flowers
Techie Podcast Yapper 


Samsung Galaxy Mega Hands On With CZ Blog


I've spent 3 amazing days with the new Samsung Galaxy Mega from AT&T, and it has been quite a bit of fun! I'm ready to share a few details about this gigantic device, if you're considering this phablet as your main communications device.

First of all, let's tell you about what this device is. It's a mid-range smartphone made to fit your budget and give you the best multimedia experience without breaking the bank. I like that idea. This would be the perfect combo for those wanting a smartphone and a tablet all in one.

The display on this device happens to be a 720p Super Clear LCD display. This is a step down from the AMOLED HD displays found in the top of the line Galaxy S4. Even though it is a less expensive display, only experts will really notice a big difference.

The display is good enough to rock video content, and I absolutely love the extra size for watching a movie or YouTube video content. Plus, it's a complete blast for playing games like Candy Crush Saga, my secret addiction.

On the inside, you'll get a dual core 1.5GHz processor with 1.5Gb of RAM. That's enough muscle to serve up good graphics, push apps, and do some multi tasking along with Samsung's new split screen for running 2 apps in separate windows.

Being the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4, I do notice that there's a bit of a lag when loading apps, videos, and the likes. It's not that the Galaxy Mega is slow by any means, but it does let me know just how powerful my Galaxy S4 is with its more powerful processor and extra half a Gb of RAM.

A lot of the new features that come with the Galaxy S4 are included with the Galaxy Mega, including things like Air View, the ability to minimize a video while running, and all of the nice gesture controls. That's a lot more than what you'll get with other budget tablet devices.

Size-wise, this is a gigantic device that some might complain for being too big to fit in their hands. But for me, I don't seem to mind it that much. I'd rather have a fully-functional tablet with smartphone capabilities than to own two different devices. I got used to the size really quick, and it makes my Galaxy S4 feel like an iPhone in my hands after playing with it a while.

The build of the Galaxy Mega is much like all of the other Galaxy smartphones. It's light, has the same plastic backing, and the faux metal ring surrounding the edges. The back plate does seem to pick up a lot of fingerprints, so those that are finicky about looks might be bothered by that.

Running apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media programs is a blast with the huge display. It's also quite fantastic for surfing the web, using reader software, and watching video content.

I'm actually going to be sad to see this device go back to AT&T tomorrow. If I had money to burn, I might even consider having one of these as a backup phone and primary tablet. But I might hold out for the Galaxy Note III, because I'd love to have something of this size with an S Pen stylus.

At $149 on a 2-year contract, I think this device will certainly hit a groove with those that don't want or need the cutting edge for processing power. Check out more details and have one shipped to your doorstep at the Amazon Wireless store!

Carlton Flowers
Mega Smartphone Fan

Get a Samsung Galaxy Mega for $149 at the Amazon Wireless Store now! Click the link for details!