Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumors - S Pen Taunting Me


The rumors keep swirling about the smartphone coming to Android Nation that will likely be the most advanced ever released. It's the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

And as we watch closely for leaks on details, there's one thing that really gets me keyed up... rumors about an S Pen.

This is starting to get a little ridiculous. At first, I wrote off the Galaxy S IV S Pen rumors as fiction, because I did not thing that Samsung would want their new flagship smartphone to compete directly with the Galaxy Note II. It just didn't make sense.

But the rumors are persistent. There are several sources out in the blogosphere, many of which have credibility, who keep droning on about the Galaxy S IV including an S Pen.

It's hard for me to put my biggest dream about the S IV aside, with all these fresh rumors circulating. I want to be able to let myself down easy if it doesn't turn out to be true.

But now that I think about it, there could actually be some sensible reasoning for Samsung to include the S Pen on the Galaxy S IV.

If they view this as the new minimum standard for their devices, then it shouldn't be a threat to the Galaxy Note II. Plus, the size of the Note II is still bigger, albiet slightly.

Add to this the fact that the rumors swirling around about the Galaxy Note II are completely insane, stating that the next Note in the seriies will come with a 6" or larger display.

The only way I can see them pushing the bubble and creating a monstrosity like this is if they keep the smartphone/phablet people happy with a more sensible jumbo-sized device with an S Pen.

So if this all pans out, and we see a 4.99" Galaxy S IV with an S Pen along with a 6" or bigger Galaxy Note III, then hats-off to Samsung for pushing the limits of the imagination and carving out new niches that could make a lot of people happy.

All I can say is that the Galaxy S IV better have an S Pen, or I will be seriously let down. My hopes are up, and I can't go back to my previous thinking. I want my theory to ring true, and I want a Galaxy S IV with an 8-core processor and S Pen in my hands come May of 2013.

Come through for me Sammy, please come through for me. Make my dreams come true.

Carlton Flowers
S Pen Finatic

Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumor Update - The Outrageous


Let's move the rumor mill along with the up-and-coming Samsung Galaxy S IV that is due out in April or May. I have some fresh stuff that I dug up, and I'm going to give you my opinion on each one of these amazing "features" that we are possibly going to see with the GS IV.

Let's take a quick look at each one. When you finish, I want your opinion on whether or not you agree with me on my take for each rumor!

Eye Tracking Technology

This radical new feature is supposed to give you the ability to scroll apps or documents with your eyes. Sounds pretty futuristic! On the one hand, we already have the power saving function with the Galaxy Note II that dims the screen when your gaze isn't directly on it. But eye scrolling? I think this one is fiction for the Galaxy S IV, but it could happen in the very near future.

Wireless Charging

The Galaxy S IV is said to have the capability of wireless charging when you opt for the separate dock & back cover option. This technology is already available. But will Samsung include it on the next flagship Galaxy model? I say fiction. Sure, some 3rd party vendors might provide such an accessory. But I don't think you'll get this out of the box.

1.8GHz 8-Core Processor

The Galaxy Note II is already packing a quad core processor. So the next logical step is an 8-core processor at blazing fast 1.8GHz speed. Right? Wrong. I say complete fiction. There's no way an 8-core cpu could be ready for production already, so this one goes into the fiction column. I think the Galaxy S IV will have a quad core cpu. As far as the speed, 1.8GHz is completely possible.

16/32/64Gb of Memory Storage, Maybe 128

Flash memory has been stagnant for years on end. When the iPhone first came out, the total storage was doubling with each new model. They started with 8Gb, then 16Gb, 32Gb, and finally a 64Gb top version was made available. But this has not increased. The Galaxy S IV will likely have the 16/32/64Gb models, but 128Gb is entirely fiction, in my opinion.

13Mp/2Mp Cameras

An improved 13Mp rear facing camera with a 2Mp front facing cam seems to be the next step in improvements that isn't too far of a stretch. The Galaxy S III has a respectable 8Mp camera that could use a little tweaking. But I do believe they will push the limit on the camera and bring us 13Mp for our picture taking enjoyment. Let's call it a fact!

Flexible OLED "Youm" Display

At CES in January of 2013, we saw the actual Samsung flexible OLED display code named "Youm". People are buzzing about this being the display for the Galaxy S IV. First of all, I think that's a little close to production time to think it will be included. Why would they show off the Youm now, versus suprising everyone when the Galaxy S IV rolls out? Secondly, I don't see a single credible source touting this one, so I'm calling it fiction. The 4.99 HD Super AMOLED display that will be included on the GS IV will be plenty good enough to please the masses, without being flexible.

Well that's all for now, folks. We'll see how close I was, if at all, when the actual phone gets stocked on the shelves at my local AT&T store. Until then, chime in and agree, disagree, or go completly stark raving nuts in the Disqus comments section below!

Carlton Flowers
Phone Phact Or Phictionist