Is Stopping "Illegal Immigration" Immoral, And Is Standing Up For It Illogical?


I don't honestly understand what is it that people have against an immigration policy similar to what presidential candidate Donald Trump is proposing. And while people are fussing and fighting about this, there's a big fat elephant sitting in the middle of the room.

We'll get to that elephant in a bit. But for now, let's talk about whether or not stopping illegal immigration is an immoral act, or if standing up for its allowance is llogical.

It seems that many believe "shutting down the borders" to prevent illegal immigration is immoral. And I've noticed that people seem to equate illegal immigration with coming into the country by legal means. Doesn't make any sense to me.

We do care about these downtrodden people who are looking for opportunity, and we want to help them only through legal means. This is hardly immoral. I for one am not a proponent for closing the doors completely and halting all immigration. But the pro illegal immigration mob sure does want to lump people like me in with those who are strict isolationists.

As far as I can tell, people like Donald Trump are pro-immigration, but they also want it to happen through legal means. They want people to have the freedom to enter the country to chase opportunity, but they prefer that immigrants register properly and become a part of the system.

I have noticed a double standard, however. People from certain countries seem to have a lot more trouble coming into this country, even by legal means. Unless they have an endless supply of money for legal assistance, they can't get in.

For example, I have a friend who married a woman from an Eastern Block country, and even through marriage they were not able to obtain a Visa. She was deported, and they spent piles of money on attorneys fighting for her case to allow her back into the country.

But where are all of the anti-Trumpers in cases like this? Why are they fighting so hard against the halting of illegal immigration when the people who are trying desperately to come here by legal means are having so much difficulty?

Seems to me they should put their energy here instead of wasting it on raising a ruckus against Trump and his immigration policy ideas.

Some say that standing against illegal immigration is immoral or somehow racially biased. But here's the big fat elephant standing in the middle of the room that nobody seems to notice:

These people are supporting breaking and circumventing the law rather than abiding by the rules and going about things legally.

If you really were 'for' the people who come here illegally, you would fight to educate and assist them in becoming legitimate residents instead of sneaking in unaccounted for. You would fight to have them do their fair share and pay in to the system that supports people in need.

I am against allowing illegal immigration, for obvious reasons. Every citizen in this country should be, if they are honest law abiding people who want order and fairness.

To me, fighting those who hold this stance against stopping illegal immigration is like fighting for people's right to shoot, rob, steal, shoplift, and avoid paying taxes. If you live in this country and benefit from law and order, it seems a little backwards that you would abandon that stance when it comes to immigration. That is completely illogical.

I have several good friends from south of the border who live here, work here, and are raising their families. They are some of the hardest workers on the planet, and are experts in their field of trade.

All of them are here legally, and they abide by the rules of law to keep their status legitimate. I think it is a slap in their face and an insult for us to say that we should support those who want to cut corners and come here without going through the proper channels, as they did.

Once you cut through the smoke and mirrors of politics, you clearly see that taking up a cause for an illegal activity just makes no sense at all. But this is the day and age we live in.

Carlton Flowers
Political Pot Stirrer