The First Infallible iPhone 5 Design Prediction


With the release of the Apple iPhone 5 around the corner, it's time for me to make a bold prediction about the design that will stand above all. Here it is: All of the current iPhone 5 design predictions are 100% crap, and I can back that up.

No matter how much "proof" that the current prognosticators have, no matter how credible they may be, they're gonna be dead wrong when the actual device is released. Something we have learned over the years is that Apple has successfully guarded their product releases without fail.

Right now, all eyes are on the alleged iPhone 5 digitizer from China that is featured in a Youtube video being circulated around the net. The video shows a new screen that is the same exact width of the iPhone 4, but about a half an inch taller.

First of all, if this is the only modification we see of the iPhone 5, I would be sorely disappointed. Stretching out the digitizer only in the vertical direction would make no sense. That would mean changing the aspect ratio of the new device.

If you do that, none of the 1.7 bagillion apps currently available for download would work on the iPhone 5, requiring developers to rework their apps to fit the new dimensions. That's not going to happen, folks. Just because we see this fake mockup digitizer does ont guarantee that the odd proportions will end up on the next iPhone.

All we have to do in order to completely discount this garbage story is look back to the release of the iPhone 4S in 2011. How many times did we see stories released which outed iPhone 5 cases that had a new display size? I lost count.

They even went so far to say that entire container loads of new iPhone 5 cases were shipped to the US and stocked in carrier stores. The story sure was believable, but I don't think a single person actually saw a container of these vaporware cases.

Fast forward to the future, and the fake iPhone 5 digitizer with the vertically-stretched design. I call shenanigans. This is complete bunk. If Apple really does have a new bigger display about to hit us in the face, it's not going to be with a different aspect ratio. They will protect the integrity of their App Store products and make it as easy on developers as possible to make the new phone compatible.

So my bold prediction for the iPhone 5 is that it will not look like anything the insiders predict that it will be. I think we will all be in for a surprise, and the suspese will be tremendous. Circulate THIS around the net if you dare.

Carlton Flowers
iPhone 5 DeBunker