Rock Your iPod Touch 4th Gen With Mophie Pulse


The Sunnyvale, California company Artificial Muscle Inc., a Bayer MaterialScience company, has created an iPod Touch enhancement that will blow your socks off and vault your gaming experience right through the roof with the Mophie Pulse, a device that you dock your iPod Touch 4th Generation gaming station into.

The Mophie Pulse will instantly turn you on with stereo sound enhancements and amazing vibrational feedback like you've never experienced with its ViviTouch technology. You'll never settle for the boring run-of-the-mill haptic feedback on your games after you get your hands on this device.

The enhanced "rumble feedback" will take you to the next level by providing solid haptic sensations that more accurately resemble a real world experience, unlike the "buzzy" regular vibration that you get with the iPod Touch on its own.

Once you play a game with the Mophie Pulse and then compare the feedback after turning it off, you'll feel like you've lost your sense of feeling. When you set Mophie Pulse in action with games like Tetris, Fruit Ninja, Labyrinth Lite, Sudoku2, Scrabble, Cut the Rope, Monster Pinball, and Doodle Jump, you'll never want to return to your old experience.

For example, a ball rolling across the screen with varying vibrational feedback will give you the impression that the ball is really there maneuvering on your display. Mophie Pulse promises to deliver bone-shaking vibrations and pulse pounding stereo sound that transfers what's happening in your games into what would be considered an "immersive" experience.

They've hit the mark and delivered in this promise. Honestly, I'm surprised that this type of haptic technology has not shown up in more devices by now.

I've never been impressed with the vibrational response in gaming devices like the XBOX 360 or Sony Playstation 3 because the haptics are either "on or off", and without variation in intensity.

By simply varying the amount of vibration in sync with the gaming action, you get a much more realistic effect with the Mophie Pulse.

The Mophie also provides other useful enhancements to an iPod Touch 4th Generation device, like a built in 800mAH Lithium Polymer battery to extend the life of your iPod's battery, plus enhanced stereo speakers that take sound quality to the extreme.

Plus, the Mophie Pulse is a very durable unit with a rubberized soft touch grip that provides extra protection for your investment.

I'll be shooting some videos in the near future to show a live action demonstration of the Mophie Pulse, so keep your eyes peeled and come back soon! Carlton Flowers Gaming Gadget Geek


Click the link to the picture to purchase your very own Mophie Pulse right now from the Apple store for only $79! You won't be disappointed!

Carlton Flowers
Gadget Gaming Guru