Samsung Galaxy Gets "Smart" With S4


We are right around the corner from the official announcement for details on the Samsung Galaxy S IV smartphone, and there's reason to be super excited considering the leaked screen shots that showed up on the blogosphere yesterday. It looks like the S4 will be taking a major leap in the "smart" zone, unlike anything else we've seen.

Smartphones aren't really that "smart", in my most humble opinion. But I will have to admit, if the screen shot we see in the photo turns out to be real, this will be the first real smartphone to hit the market according to my standard. This is the kind of stuff I dreamt about ten years ago, and expected to have in a "smartphone".

Let's take a closer look at what we might be getting with the Galaxy S4...

Smart Stay

Have you ever been annoyed by your smartphone screen taking a time out when you're in the middle of reading something? I can't stand that. With the new Smart Stay feature, the Galaxy S IV will not go to time out mode as long as it "sees" you looking directly at the screen. This is a huge breakthrough, but seems like such a simple common-sense feature at the same time.

Smart Rotation

So you're laying in bed trying to read... and the stupid smartphone screen rotates from Portrait to Landscape when you roll over from your back to your side. And you're super annoyed, because you have to toggle the screen rotation on and off if you're reading plus watching YouTube videos. Well apparently that won't be a problem with the Galaxy S4. It "looks" at your face and eyes, and knows which way the screen should be, without all that pesky toggling.

Smart Pause

I'm in bed, yet again, and I'm trying to enjoy a video on YouTube. But the kids yell for me, then come busting in my room and I have to turn my head to see what they want. Thanks to their lovely little disruption of my programming, I miss a small chunk of my video and have to scroll it back. Well, the Galaxy S IV cures that little problem. As soon as you turn your head away from the screen, it pauses the video, waits for your pesky kids to leave, and then resumes once it has your full attention again.

Smart Scroll

I used to hate the lack of text reflow with my iPhone. It's the most maddening thing to an avid reader who likes to use a smartphone to stimulate the brain with fresh reading content on a regular basis. Next to lack of text reflow would be scrolling on a smartphone. Our up-and-coming Galaxy S4 will make scrolling easy peasy. As soon as your eyes get to the bottom of the screen while you're surfing or reading, it will politely scroll down for you. You don't have to worry about finger-buttering the screen with your greasy little paws any more.

I don't know about you, but these are what I call truly "smart" features. I can call this a "smartphone" because it's understanding my needs without me touching the screen. It's like putting my smartphone on operational cruise control.

Let's hope it is all true. If it is, I would go so far as to say that I would accept a Galaxy S IV without an S Pen stylus if we get all these fresh new tricks.

Carlton Flowers
Smart Geek