6-26-2019 BTC Surge Eclipses $13,500


We are at the edge of either a massive unstoppable bull run to $20,000, or capitulation within a day or 2. BTC is currently trading at $13,652.35 at the very moment I am typing this update.

I have been providing commentary via TradingView (see the links below) for the past couple of days, to share my thoughts on this historic potentially-false bull run. 

What I am watching is the $14,200 barrier. If BTC blows this barrier, there is nothing stopping it from running to $20,000 like a freight train powered by a rocket booster. 

$13,500 was the level for BTC to reach in order to clue us in on whether or not it would pivot on a key 0.618 fib circle line. But the candlesticks have become impatient, and $13,500 was breached before we could even propagate far enough to the right and reach the line. 

While writing this update, we have taken out $13,700 BTC, and I cannot even refresh the screen fast enough to see what the chart is showing.

This is the critical level that will be very telling, once the dust settles. If we do see BTC pivot at this point and start to correct, Alt season will be officially here! 

Carlton Flowers
THEE CryptoPro