PBCW Tech Analysis for 4-16-13


PBCW has my attention. The OBV indicates heavy accumulation and activity. Right now it is in a downtrend, which is good. This means there will be enough time to possibly jump on this before the next run.

The stock is very volatile, and the MACD overall is looking like we are at the start of an uptrend. The Stochastic indicator right now tells us it is not yet bottomed out for the current trend.

Once it bottoms out, I would take a good hard look at it once the MACD returns to a positive trend.

Something is definitely going to happen with this stock in the near future. Not sure when or how hard it will be, but it will probably continue a rapid rise/fall period.

I'll be looking for a flag formation on this, and for the Bollinger Bands to tighten back up. If another accumulation occurs, it could indicate a positive breakout.