Cryptocurrency and the Five Stages of Grief


Man in grief.png

When the giant, well-established financial institution that has been around for 100 years is faced with a disrupter that they cannot stop, ban, shut down, sue, buy, eradicate, or legislate against, there is a progression that I predict we will see that is strikingly similar to the 5 stages of grief.

But just as the financial industry is in complete denial right now, so is average John Q. Citizen. This is what I predict will be going through the minds of the masses of people who fail to see the writing on the wall as they progress through the five stages…

1. Denial

Bitcoin can’t possibly work, it’s not real money, it has no credibility, and it will never survive. It will eventually go away on it’s own, and die. It makes absolutely no sense. It’s just a minor distraction right now, and we’ll have to just wait it out. While everyone wastes their time and money on this fad, I'll stick to my day job and depend on my retirement and the strong US dollar.

2. Anger

It’s the money of pedophiles, terrorists, drug dealers, criminals, and fraudsters because these people use the highest technology possible to run away from the law. Therefore, it should be banned. If we don’t ban it, God will, because it’s the mark of the beast and the currency of the Antichrist. Besides, the government will shut it down any day now. They allow our world to go the way of the rogues!

3. Bargaining

Please, dear God, let me go back in time when Bitcoin was only twenty-five cents so I can buy five thousand shares. I was meant to be a Bitcoin billionaire, but I was distracted with too many important things! But you know my heart, you know I will be good for the money. Okay God, if you can’t let me time travel, just let the price of Bitcoin crash temporarily back down to a dollar and I promise I’ll buy a pile of it and help all the hungry in the world and house all the homeless people in New York City with the billions that I gain. Please God!

4. Depression

Dear God, why was I so stupid? Why didn’t I listen? Why didn’t you stop me in my stupidity and make me take note of what was going on? My life will never be the same! I’m going to be stuck poor forever! I’m so stupid I shouldn’t even exist.

5. Acceptance

Well I guess I can’t change the past, and what’s done is done. I had my chance to be mega-rich, and I didn’t jump on the opportunity. But I’ll learn how to live in this new world of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Who knows… maybe I can make a little money investing in it after all!

Mark my words, you heard it here first.

Carlton Flowers
The Cryptographic Prophet