Return of the Crypto Market in 2019

Season Two of Crypto Madness Is About To Begin

Well folks, after a year-long wait, it looks like the crypto market fire sale is over! 🔥

I truly believe the bear market has ended, and it appears that we are in the midst of a transition period with a bull run right around the corner. This is the time we have been waiting for, and we have to be prepared to take advantage of it. 

One thing I promised myself after the run of 2017 was that I would take the lessons learned into the next bull market. I also promised myself that I would take advantage of investing into my favorite coins and tokens IF the market prices ever came back down again. 

Well they have. 

I never thought we would see the entire crypto market float back down to earth from the stratosphere the way it did during 2018. Even though I knew we were in a bear market by February of 2018, I still didn't fully realize the size of the impending dip until a few months later. 

Once I accepted the fact that the bear market was in full effect, I made my $3200 prediction right before the big slide. That was a lucky call, I will admit. But I'm super thankful for that slide. This is the market reset that we prayed about before. 

With volume heating up and candles breaking out of boundaries, it's time for me to start putting my attention back on the crypto market. You can expect blog posts and video commentary in the near future on a regular basis. 

I'm kicking around the idea of starting a new YouTube channel just for CryptoPro, and this video discusses a few of my ideas for what I'll be presenting. 

Stick with me, and please share your thoughts and questions! If there is a particular question you have that I can turn into a blog post, I would love to help share what I know and educate everyone. 

See you soon, and let's enjoy this market! 

Carlton Flowers
The CryptoPro