Bitcoin Ben Anonymous Activist/Conspiracy Theorist Confession


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Bitcoin Ben, our most favorite truck driver in the whole wide world, is at it again. But now he has expanded his cryptocurrency chats with some shocking new conspiracy theories.

In his June 5th, 2018 live video shot from the Barbados, he “admits” to being a member of Anonymous, the decentralized international hacktivist group that is widely known for its various DDOS cyber attacks against several governments, government institutions & government agencies, corporations, and the Church of Scientology.

To openly announce that you are a part of an anonymous activist group on a live social media platform is kind of counter-intuitive to say the least, but definitely something that raises our interest. I was personally very shocked to hear him make this announcement. Some people believe him, and some say he is a fraud.

Whatever the case may be, it piqued my interest enough to watch the entire video and transcribe it into this blog post. I was most amazed at how he tied in several common conspiracy theories.  You should probably take it all with a grain of salt, even though a lot of this is actually plausible. Here’s what he had to say…

Global warming is not about CO2 emissions, and cryptocurrencies are connected to this environmental phenomenon. The transition from the old economic world system into the new economic system is actually based on necessity, due to the environmental circumstances we have been dealt, and not a choice.

There is a recent Clif High video where Mr. High talks about a ray coming from outer space called “UVC”. It’s like a UVA ray, but extremely dangerous to human beings. Some associate it with chem trails. Chem trails are made up of aluminum particulates which can absorb and reflect the UVC rays from space, which are extremely dangerous to humans, and they also rapidly heat up metal. This causes problems with our telecommunications infrastructure.

The governments of the world have known about this and the fluctuations of energy released as we orbit the sun. The UVC rays have the same effect as an EMP bomb, and countries are moving electric and communications lines underground to protect them from these rays. UVCs can cause massive outages, worse than solar flares.

UV-Cs are the cause of the internal pressures of the Earth to expand outward, which is why we are witnessing the volcanic activity in Hawaii. The world governments have known about this for quite some time.

Trump has spoken about how important the infrastructure is, and UVCs are going to cause us to change the way we communicate since wired connections won’t be reliable any longer. Neither will the transistors and the hardware network of the current communications grid.

The satellites in outer space will gradually lose their effectiveness as the inner earth releases chemicals into the atmosphere that will hamper the transfer of information to and from the satellites on Earth.

UVCs are very high frequency waves, stronger than what we are used to, and they interfere with our communications equipment. The 5G network, which many people are worried about, is actually based on waves that are close to microwaves. The reason they are using such a wave is due to the amount of energy that the 5G technology uses.

We are going start having a problem with the current cellular network, and the associated existing cellular technology will become less and less useful to us. The 5G network is a higher powered Wi-Fi system, and the waves will be stronger than the waves that could interfere with it.

This is why the Lightning Network is going to be based on 5G, and will be the replacement of our financial infrastructure system that we now use. As we transition, Blockchain, which was created by the US Government in 1997 for use by the military’s cellular network for exchange of cryptographic information that had to be held secret.

We are going to transition from a wired infrastructure to a wireless infrastructure because of the fact that none of the wired systems will be able to handle the load from UV-C rays that are increasingly reaching the Earth.

Everyone wondered why, when Donald Trump was elected, he kept a lot of the old people in the Treasury department. The reason is that he needs them to help us transition from the old infrastructure system to the new one.

5G does interact with your DNA, but it is the only signal strong enough to handle the transmission of data but also weak enough that it won’t kill us.  He says that depending on the speed problems of the current network, balloons might be used to temporarily transmit 5G signals to the ground.

The 5G network will allow communication and transaction over the globe reliably, during the time that the infrastructure is being moved over. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin will be used on the Lightning Network to facilitate these transactions.

The Ethereum Plasma network will run on the 5G network, not over the older infrastructure. The battle at this point is who will take control of the new infrastructure. That’s why we have a lot of attention being given to the new network by the Digital Currency Group, and why Bitcoin split and produced Bitcoin Cash. It was due to SegWit and the Lightning Network, which is supported by the globalists.

The Bitcoin Cash people may not know why they are transitioning, but they want the freedom of the larger blocks which will decentralize the system more than the Lightning Network with BTC and LTC.

LTC will run centralized on the Lightning Network, but also decentralized on the Segregated Witness platforms. They will be able to interact with each other across these platforms via the 5G network.

The 5G network is basically a high-powered global Wi-Fi for global exchange.

With the UVC waves becoming stronger and more frequent, the older network will be increasingly disrupted. This is why the 5G network is being built.

Both Republicans and Democrats want the control of the new centralized network. But there are nationalists, who want a decentralized network, are gaining power over the globalists who are behind centralization.

The overall plan is for cryptocurrencies to take over the financial system, not for the natural evolution of efficiency alone, but out of necessity due to the current infrastructure not being capable of handing the problems that have come about.

There is a big event coming which is related to “instant exchange” of information. Information will move at the speed of thought, and that will happen within the next 5 to 10 years. It will be more revolutionary than the financial event. It is called “The Singularity”. The 5G network puts us on the road to the manifestation of that phenomenon.

We as a people will change, our economic system will change, and the Earth will change as a result of all of these things.

Thus concludes my transcription of Bitcoin Ben’s live broadcast! Now back to my thoughts.

This was a shocking, far-fetched talk, and what I believe to be his most interesting to date. Time will tell if any of this will come to pass. I think he might have a few good points, and some of it could come to fruition within the near future.

I’ll continue to monitor Ben’s videos, and I hope to travel up the street to St. Louis to meet him personally and get an interview to post on YouTube. I’m sure it will be one for the ages!

Carlton Flowers
The CryptoPro