Carlton's Industry List Blog Has Launched! What to Expect

Welcome to the Industry List Blog - What’s In Store

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Welcome aboard everyone, Carlton’s Industry List Blog has officially started! I’d like to take a few minutes to let you know what I have in store for you and explain what this will be all about.

The Industry List blog site will be my communication tool for sharing cutting-edge information as it happens with the manufacturing industry, the agricultural sector, construction industry, consulting firms, small businesses, and municipalities alike.

You’ll be the first to know about changes in regulations, trends, economic developments, and key factors that can affect your operation before it becomes available in the regular news networks. My goal is to provide highly valuable content that will help you in decision making and planning to keep up with the current state of industry.

You can expect about two to three blog posts per month. I encourage everyone to chime in and comment with your thoughts, insight, and questions about the topics that I bring to your attention. Collaboration among the members will be the key to making this work in the most beneficial way for everyone.

Here’s a summary of the types of articles that I will be bringing to you regularly:

  • changes in regulations and pending legislative action

  • trends in regulatory practices

  • best practices for industry efficiency

  • key insight on developments within various niches

  • opportunities for energy cost reduction and utility rebates

As we move forward, my goal is to be your point-man for information and be the central hub for all of you, my closest friends who are in this group. Keep your eyes peeled, and be ready to share your thoughts and interact!

Carlton Flowers
Carlton’s Industry List