Snapchat Story Followers - It's Tough, But Worth Building



Out of all the social media networks, building a group of loyal followers on Snapchat is the most difficult. That's because you can build your network, but nothing guarantees your contacts will actually view your daily story.

With Snapchat, you might have 500 people you are connected with, but only 10% watching each and everything you do on a daily basis without fail. It's kind of like Facebook, where you make a post and not everyone hits the "like" button, but worse. Why? 

Because you actually have to OPEN the Snapchat story to see what is going on. When you are scrolling away on Facebook, you will be exposed to ALL posts placed by your friends. Not the case on Snapchat. 

That's why you have to work HARD on your strategy, and on your creative Snapchat story-building ability to entice your contacts to actually open up and view your story.

If you bomb the first time, and have random, totally senseless non-entertaining or completely useless content on your Story, your friends arent going to waste their time and come back the next day to see what you are doing. 

But if you capture their attention the FIRST time with valuable, eye-opening, exciting, shocking or entertaining content, they will come back each and every day because they don't want to miss out on what you are gonna do next. 

The first time someone views your Snapchat Story is the golden opportunity to get them hooked. You cannot mess this up, or you risk not ever gaining that viewer back again. That's why you have to take this seriously if you want to build a massive following of rabid viewers. 

Carefully plan out what you want to do, and what your content will focus on. Look at your own snaps in the eyes of a friend, and ask yourself, "would I waste time watching myself?" 

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Carlton Flowers
The SnapPro