November 2018 Snapchat Update Fail - Audio Mods Gone Wrong!


Snapchat Audio Snafu.jpg

Well Snapchat has done it again with the latest update that took place just before Halloween. There are some small differences that were made in an attemp to enhance the user experience, but the main change has ruined the entire platform for me and has flushed the fun right down the toilet by changing one single thing…

The audio enhancements attached to certain filters.

The filters in the Snapchat lineup that include audio modifications have been a hit with users. They make your snaps more fun and entertaining, adding a nice dose of “silly” to your creative offerings.

Up until now, certain lenses come with a voice changing effect that you can’t turn off. In the recent update, they have taken away the voice modifications that go with these lenses, and have replaced that with an audio icon that lets you pick from 4 difference voice effects.

On the face, this seems like a great idea. But Snapchat seriously dropped the ball. Why? Because the two most usable voice alterations are gone. When you tap the audio icon on the lower left, you now have the ability to change the voice effect on any lens. But we are only given 4 choices.

The voice effects include the annoyingly high-pitched voice mod, the seriously-low voice mod, a robot effect, and the warble effect. I find these to be the four most useless voice mods out of everything they have previously offered.

Missing from the lineup are the two best voice mods, including the slightly higher pitched version, and the slightly lower pitched version. The great thing about these two are that you can still understand what is being said after the modification. But they left them off the list. Why?

The “big mouth” lens has been one of the most popular and long-lasting lenses in the lineup, and it was connected to the slightly-higher pitched voice mod. That’s gone. Now you’ve got to either use the natural audio, or pick from the 4 worst voice mods that I mentioned above. This puts a big dent in my user experience.

I’m already raw about Snapchat dumping my favorite filters that I use for certain character roles that I entertain my following with. That’s enough to make me give up on the app, but I’ve stuck with it, up until now. Take away my favorite voice mods, and now you’ve left me with NOTHING, Snapchat! I’m not a happy snapper!

I’d sure love to hear the opinion of others on this recent update. Do you find this change as annoying as I do? Does it enhance, or ruin your user experience? Will Snap Inc. ever get a clue, and decide to start serving up what the USERS actually want, rather than senselessly mixing up the platform every few months?

Tell me what you think. I’m ready to here it!

Carlton Flowers
The SnapPro