The HTC One X (AT&T) Is ___ In My Hands


I am on day three of test driving the new HTC flagship smartphone called the "One X", and I already have a lot to say about this device. To answer your question, it feels GREAT in my hands!

Right off the bat, out of the box, I was impressed. The One X is super thin. Far more thin than any HTC smartphone I have tested to date. And it "feels" right in my grip. Besides feeling wafer thin, the edges are rounded off and the screen melds into the casing.

The case seems to be made of a polymer composite that has the color built-in. I could be wrong, but it seems an aweful lot similar to the Nokia Lumia 900, other than the edges have a glossy finish.

The power and volume buttons are different than my Samsung Galaxy S2, so that took some getting used to. But they are nicely located on the top and right side of the phone, with the power plug on the left.

Something I noticed that was different on this smartphone than any other was the audio quality. With "Beats Audio" by Dr. Dre, playing music over the internal speaker is much more enjoyable than my Galaxy S2. My phone sounds like music coming from a tin can as compared to the One X, that plays music with a wider and more even frequency response.

Stay tuned for the next post, where I'll tell you the big difference I noticed with the qHD display, as compared to the Super AMOLED Plus display. You might be surprised! Until then, enjoy the video, or jump to Amazon Wireless and get your HTC One X today for only $169.99 on contract!

Carlton Flowers
Smartphone Testerizer