Shocking Trend For Texting While Driving - Were You Aware Of This?


A recent survey from AT&T exposes a shocking new trend. Texting-while-driving among adult commuters has now surprassed the teenage class.

This is something I would never have predicted to happen, but it makes perfectly good sense when you think about the circumstances that motivate the behavior.

Before we talk about the reasons why I believe this trend exists in the first place, let's look at some of the facts that AT&T uncovered in their research:

  • Nearly half of commuters (49%) admitted to texting while driving, a higher rate than reported by teens (43%)
  • They are doing so more than they used to. Six in 10 commuters said they never texted while driving three years ago.
  • Texting while driving despite knowing the risks. 98% said sending a text or email while driving isn’t safe.
  • For many, it has become a habit. More than 40% of those who admitted to texting while driving called it a habit.

The reasoning smacks right in the face of logic. We as adults know better, but our actions are exactly opposite of our common sense. Is there a reason for this trend? Can we get to the root of the issue? And if so, what is the key to reversing this dangerous behavio?

First and foremost, we've all got to start with an admission of guilt. I for one am guilty of texting while driving, and I'm personally working on putting it to a stop altogether. I have backslidden several times, and have become frustrated and disappointed with myself after experiencing near-miss accidents here and therel.

I used to justify the action by thining it was okay for experienced drivers, because the law in Missouri says it is illegal for "novice drivers" (under the age fo 21) to text and drive. It's too bad the law doesn't cover the dense-headed adults like me, so my behavior continued and caused me to have a few potential mishaps.

After chastizing myself with a "what is wrong with you, stupid??? Why do you keep taking chances like this?", I would swear off texting and driving only to start up the behavior again, causing me instances of running over a rumble strip or brushing up against a curb.

The reason that I have not been able to make a once-and-for-all behavioral change is because I have not uncovered the root of the problem. Once I address the root of the problem, a permanent behavioral change can take place.

I firmly believe that I have identified root of the problem why so many commuters admit to texting-while-driving: we are far too busy, stressed out, behind on our schedules, and trying to do two things at once to catch up.

This is what motivates us to fill in the dead time while commuting by answering emails, sending text messages, and trying to "catch up" on these minor things before we arrive at our destination to deal with the stress of work.

The behavioral change that need to take place to prevent a possible fatal or injury accident from fooling with our smartphones is to look at the commuting time as a time to relax, decompress, and take relief from the stress of the day. Too many of us consider commuting as valuable captive time to "catch up" on things since we have no other distractions. But that can change.

Instead of looking at commuting time as "catch up" time for communicating, we need to implement new activities to pass the time while we are stuck in the car. It doesn't even matter how long or short of a commute you have. I only commute for 15 minutes one way each day, and I still use it as a "catch up" time to fool with my phone.

Here are a few ideas that you can use to change the bad habit of being on your smartphone while driving in the car, once and for all. Do this for two weeks straight, and a new habit will be formed. This will lesson the chance for backsliding. Fill that time with something definite, and it will stick. Here are the ideas for spending that "dead tim" in your car:

  • Use commuting time to decompress, de-stress, and relax by listening to soft music, meditiation tracks, a sermon, or self-help CD. View it as your daily scheduled therapeutic session.
  • Turn commuting time into your personal learning time. Get a book-on-CD series and learn about a topic that is important to you, or learn a new language. View your car time as your personal classroom time. Turn off your phone just as you would in a normal classroom.
  • Listen to National Public Radio each and every morning. Get caught up on events around the world, and enjoy all of the interesting cultural stories. Instead of turning on the news at home, save your commute for listening to the news.
  • Turn off EVERYTHING, radio included, and have a 15-minute "time of peace" each day so you can reflect on what you want to accomplish for the day. Use it as a time to clear your mind of clutter and worries, and just enjoy the peace and quiet. You will look forward to this time every day if you try it out.

The bottom line is, you have to create a new habit. Do something for two weeks straight, and you will have a much better chance of eliminating your need to text and drive. Instead of making a pledge to change your behavior every time you scare yourself into a bowel movement, try creating a new habit that has meaning.

Are you truly serious about making a new habit? Do you really want to avoid a potentially hazardous situation from happening when you backslide? Then put the icing on the cake by joining me in making one more change during your two-week habit forming time:


I am going to comit to doing this for a two week period. It's what I need to make sure that my change of habit is permanent. For all of you who know you need to make a change, I challenge you to join me in putting your smartphone junk in your trunk for two weeks in order to insure that your new habit is set in stone.

Place a comment in the Disqus comments section with your personal attestation that you will preserve and protect your two-week habit-forming initiation by putting your phone in the trunk during your commute. Let's see how many people will join.

Spread the word and save a life! Send this article to friends and family that you care about, and ask them to join in.

Big thanks to AT&T St. Louis Senior Public Relations Manager Katie Nagus for bringing this to my attention and encouraging me to spread the word!

Carlton Flowers
Technology-In-Trunk Advocate

For more information and to take the pledge for no texting-while-driving, head on over to the AT&T "It Can Wait" page by clicking the link or the picture below!








The Final Word - Nokia Lumia 920 AT&T Smartphone CZ Review


My review of the Nokia Lumia 920 via AT&T Wireless has come to a close! It has been a great review period, and I have a lot of closing thoughts and comments about the flagship smartphone brought to you by the Nokia/Microsoft team.

Let's start off with the hardware. The phone itself is the most durable build of a smartphone that I have tested to date. iPhones are breakable, and many Android phones feel too "plasticy" (that's the new buzzword). But the composite build of the Nokia Lumia 920 makes it nearly indestructible, and it feels good ergonomic-wise in your hands.

Under the hood you get a dual core 1.5GHz Snapdragon processor. That's enough to push apps, run tasks, and surf the net as fast and efficiently as anything on the market. I had no problems with lag, even while multitasking. The 1Gb of RAM also gets credit for its ability to crunch the data with ease.

The display is incredible. It's a lovely 4.5" PureMotion HD display that packs in a 1280x768 pixel density. It's rich and robust. And the animation that goes along with the navigation is breathtaking.

Even with the big brilliant display, I noticed that the battery life was excellent during the entire time of my test. Standby time just does not drain the battery at all. But even hitting it hard for most of the day, that battery was a champ.

Call quality is at or above what I would expect from a smartphone. Something that I really like that is just a little silly an nostalgic is how you get a solid tone when holding down a number button while "dialing".

Most smartphones only "blip" the dial tone once when you hold the button. But the Lumia 920 makes me feel like I've got an old school land line phone. I know that doesn't make a hill of beans difference with anything, but I think it's cool!

The camera sports the Carl Zeiss brand name with 8.7 megapixel resolution. I would agree with those who say this is one of the best quality cameras on a smartphone. Picture taking is quick and efficient, and you don't have to wait long for the shot to focus and flash to activate.

Video is spectacular. The quality is also of the best I have seen in a smartphone. Audio with the video is superior. I have yet to test the ability to do post editing, but I am very anxious to know if I will have the same issues I have with Android and iPhone devices with video syncing problems.

Flipping through apps and programs is so easy. Windows Phone 8 is just plain intuitive. Any rank ameteur could pick this thing up and become a pro in no time flat. Microsoft has created an operating system that is nothing like iOS and Android. This is a breath of fresh air.

New things like "Nokia City Lens" really capture my attention on this device. You can launch City Lens and just point the camera around out in space. It will show you, in real time, what restaurants and points of interest are actually in the direction you are facing. This is augmented reality at its best.

Even the simple little things like typing on the virtual keyboard make this a device a wonderful thing to operate. I can say without a doubt that the soft keyboard on the Nokia Lumia 920 is better than anything I have tried. Period. It is by far the easiest and most accurate layout for a smartphone keyboard, and nothing quite feels the same.

Social media integration is unique on this smartphone. Once you register all of your accounts from various social platforms, the phone will "report" messages on the home screen as if they are coming from one source. That means you can carry on a conversation with someone over text, Facebook messenger, and other services, but have each message on one single screen. This makes it easier to get straight to the act of communication, instead of flipping through multiple platforms or apps.

Something I wish I had spent more time playing with is Office 360 on the Lumia 920. Just taking a stroll through the sample documents and presentations on the device is enough to get excited about. Office integration makes the Lumia 920 a potentially seriously productive device, to say the least.

I'm taking the Nokia Lumia 920 seriously, and I think the writers who make claims of its demise obviously have not spent any quality time with this handset. I'll agree with the prognosticators who say that Nokia and Microsoft could own the top-selling smartphone by 2015.

First of all, this is the best device on the market for first time smartphone buyers, thanks to its simple and intuitive operating system. Second, it makes a perfect match for the gazillions of people using Microsoft Windows based PCs, and MS Office. Lastly, we're starting to see people switching from Apple iPhone devices to the Nokia Lumia, and that is something I thought I would never see.

Add it all up and the future of the Nokia Lumia 920 is strong. There's so much more to this phone that I won't delve into at this point, but I'll leave any fence-sitters with a strong "buy" recommendation for this device. If you're seriously considering it, take the plunge. You will probably be satisfied, especially with the latest contract price of $69.99 through Amazon.

What are your thoughts about the future of Microsoft/Nokia and their Lumia line? Will it make a significant dent in the market, or fade to oblivion? Share in the Disqus section if you will!

Carlton Flowers
Telephone Tester


The current price for the Nokia Lumia 920 through AT&T Wireless is only $69.99 for qualifying accounts at Amazon! Price not guaranteed to stay this low, so grab it while you can!

DEAL ALERT! HTC One X For A Penny On Amazon


Folks, I've told you about the HTC One X that I tested for AT&T Wireless in September this year. It is a rock-solid device that might have the best build of any smartphone I have experienced. is offering the HTC One X for only a penny with a 2-year contract through AT&T Wireless. This is a steal of a deal for super-sized smartphone jam-packed full of features.

The qHD display is brilliant, and super-sized at 4.7" in diagonal size. It feels perfect in your hands with its rounded edges and smooth ergonomic build. Add Beats Audio by Dr. Dre, and you have a fantastic multimedia device at your disposal.

The One X has enough features to keep you entertained and impressed. Face Unlock is the newest security feature that is offered through this device, and you have all the fun that comes along with the latest version of Android's 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system.

Add an 8Mp camera with a 1.3Mp front-facing camera for Skype video chatting, 16Mb of memory, 1GHz of RAM, a 1.5GHz Snapdragon dual core CPU, and you have a complete smartphone that should remain current for quite some time.

I don't have much of a complaint about this smartphone. If you are a fan of HTC devices, this deal is a no-brainer. I recommend you get your hands on this device while the price is hot. Click the link below to jump to Amazon and buy yours now!

Carlton Flowers
Phonerizer Man




Galaxy Note II Official Release Date For US!


There's nothing I love more than official Samsung announcements for new smartphones, er, "phablets" that I want to own! The Galaxy Note II will come to the US on October 24th, 2012, and I will glued to the screen with heavy anticipation!

This will be my next smartphone purchase, as you probably are aware. I am willing to try the gigantic new 5.5" gigantic screen size for this hybrid smartphone device that will end my need and desire for a tablet. For me, this will be the device to end all devices.

It will be hard for me to part ways with my beloved Samsung Galaxy S2. Actually, I'm not going to part with it. I will probably keep my S2 as a viable backup device should something happen to my phablet. I have loved the service that I've gotten with my Galaxy S2, but I will be ready to upgrade.

I've got my heart set on the new induction capacitance stylus and the huge screen. I will be using a bluetooth keyboard along with the stylus in an attempt to do as much work possible on my smartphone without needing to get out the laptop.

If I can possibly do some blogging and writing with the Galaxy Note II, I will be fully satisfied. I'd like to be able to lean more on this device and less on my laptop. We'll see how that goes.

I would also like to eliminate as much paper in my life as possible. At my work desk, I tend to get overrun with sticky notes and business cards. I also have papers everywhere with notes from meetings. I see the Galaxy Note II as a way to remedy that problem and un-clutter my business life.

I will be purchasing the AT&T version of the Galaxy Note II, and I'll patiently wait for 4G LTE service to hit Central Missouri. As I would love to have the super fast download speeds of LTE, I think I will be okay with the wait thanks to all of the new uses that I will get out of this smartphone.

We will watch closely as the story unfolds, and I'll keep you posted as to when I expect my phabulous phablet to arrive!

Carlton Flowers
Phuture Phableter


Samsung Galaxy S3 Review - Part Deux


It's time for part 2 of the Samsung Galaxy S3 review that was provided to me by AT&T St. Louis (THANK YOU!) for thorough testing.

I've got more stuff to say about the hardware of the flagship phone that will now be in the spotlight, since Apple has banned its predecessor, the iPhone 4S Galaxy S2 clone.

The shape, form, and function of the Galaxy S3 is a hit. It is ergonomic. Never would I have thought that a gigantic 4.8" display smartphone would fit so well in your hand. The only drawback is not being able to reach a good portion of the upper left screen with your thumb. But it's worth the sacrifice.

The colors of the brushed polycarbonate body are very pleasing to the eye. The Marble White and Pebble Blue have a sleek look, and the blue looks almost metallic.

The polycarbonate makes for a light phone, and that means you'll always have whiners who say it feels "cheap". But the reason this happens is due to Apple brainwashing people into thinking smartphones should weigh 5 pounds and have thick glass screens that shatter on impact.

If you haven't been mentally programmed by Apple, you will probably think this phone has a high quality build and you will appreciate the lightness.

Something new about the Galaxy S3 is the location of the lock button. With its new super large size, it has been moved to the side instead of the top. It's a whole lot easier to access the lock button with one hand at its new location.

A huge advantage that continues on with the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the removable battery. You don't get that with other brands. The battery cover is easy to remove, and the humongous super efficient battery pops right out. On that note, I must say that the battery life of the S3 was very impressive.

When you pop off the back cover, you'll notice that you don't have to remove the battery to get to the SD card slot or the SIM slot. Other models like to hide these items behind the battery.

The last thing I will mention in this post is the speed of the device. With a quad core 1.4GHz processor and 1Gb of RAM, aplications fly. There's no "glitchyness" in scrolling, loading, or running apps.

From my testing, the cameras have been improved and so has the camera software. It's packing 8 megapixels in the back and 2 megapixels in the front. Plus you have the new picture sharing capability, where you can send pics to other S3 devices in close proximity.

Next we'll talke more about hardware upgrades, and software functionality. I have a lot to share about this phone. I'll admit, it was an instant love affair when I took it out of the box, and my adoration for this device did not end when I had to sadly pack it up and send it back.

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S3? What are your favorite new features? Talk about it in the Disqus comments section below!

Carlton Flowers
Samsung Tester

Does Verizon Wireless Have Their Central MO Blog Radar On?


About a year ago, AT&T St. Louis discovered the best tech blog site in the Midwest, the CZ Blog. They noticed my articles talking about their devices and wireless service. AT&T seems to be on top of all social media activity surrounding their company.

Since I was first contacted by AT&T, I have gladly made myself available to test and review many of their wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets. I don’t get paid to do it, so my opinion is somewhat unbiased.

I say “somewhat unbiased” because I am an extremely happy customer, having had my AT&T wireless account for the past 7 years. I was formerly with Sprint. I enjoyed Sprint for many years, but had to make the switch due to a big dead spot at my new place of employment.

The question I have right now is, how long will it take Verizon Wireless in Central Missouri to discover the amazing CZ Blog? I have written quite a few articles that cover their products and issues, so there should be a blip on their blog radar.

In my opinion, there are only 2 choices for wireless service in Central Missouri: AT&T and Verizon. AT&T provides excellent customer service and good coverage. Verizon has good coverage, plus 4G LTE service in Central Missouri already. Sprint is spotty, and T-Mobile doesn’t even have 3G coverage in our area. how sad is that?

To keep it fair for the top dogs in the Mid MO market, I would love to review Verizon products and report on their usability and service if offered. A lot of my readers want to know how the different providers do in our area, so this would be very valuable.

I’d love to hear a report from T-Mobile concerning the timeframe for expanding respectable high speed coverage in our market.

As of last year, when I broke the contract for my wife’s T-Mobile smartphone, they had no idea when an upgrade would come. That was during the midst of the possible AT&T buyout that did not pan out. Maybe they have new plans. I would love to hear about it if they do.

Until then, I’ll keep reporting on AT&T developments straight from the horse’s mouth, and I’ll fill you in on any worthwhile news from the other carriers concerning our Show-Me state market area.

Carlton Flowers
Avid Gadget Tester

"Dare To Compare" Why Sprint Unlimited Is Useless


Sprint is launching a campaign on their "Dare To Compare" webpage that attacks AT&T over data caps versus their unlimited data package.

Is it just me, or did someone forget to tell Sprint that unlimited crappy service is not better than limited service that works? The last time I checked, Sprint has the outdated dinosaur "4G WiMax" network that they are phasing out, while the company attempts to make the change to 4G LTE.

Right now, Sprint has a boatload of money tied up in their WiMax network. It's not helping the company at all, being forced into abandoning their version of 4G service for the newer LTE standard. Give them a year, and we'll see what happens as they promise to unlease a nation-wide LTE network.

I was a Sprint customer for 10 years, even before they were Sprint (Bell Telephone was the name in our market). I enjoyed their service, but had to let them go as AT&T nailed the first smartphone market with the iPhone, leaving the other carriers in the dust.

But the main reason that forced me to finally switch from AT&T to Sprint was the simple fact that there exists a huge dead spot in Sprint coverage where I work. Our offices moved in 2005 from central Jefferson City to the East side of town, into a dead zone. AT&T had great coverage, so I had to make the switch.

I haven't regretted making the switch. I've been very satisfied with AT&T in Jefferson City, and nationwide as a whole while traveling. I'm on pins and needles as AT&T expands LTE coverage in the State of Missouri, starting out in the St. Louis market area.

I'm hoping Sprint makes it through the pinch and ends up with a viable LTE network. Competition is good in this industry, and the more healthy competitors we have in the field, the better the products will be. But for now, if I were Sprint, I wouldn't be "daring" to compare anything until they get their network together.

Carlton Flowers
Callin' 'Em Like I See 'Em


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Unpacking Fresh Rumors


The excitement is starting to build, and I can hardly stand it. At the end of this month, we will know all the glorious details about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. All will be told at the "Unpacked" event on the 29th.

The freshest rumors about the Galaxy Note 2 that we can believe are as follows:

  • Quad-core 1.4GHz Exynos cpu
  • 5.5" display
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system
  • Advanced S Pen
  • Galaxy S3 styling
  • $199 to $249 price tag

That is enough of a technical lineup to get me to sign on the line when my upgrade becomes available in mid-October. I will be ready to jettison my Galaxy S2 and roll the dough into a Galaxy Note 2.

I am most excited about the advancements that are being made with the S Pen. The accuracy is said to have been improved, and there are also rumors about it using micro conductivity (the same principle that allows a finger with a capacitive inductance display to work).

If I am able to land a Galaxy Note 2, you can forget any plans about the need of buying a tablet. I won't have any reason to waste the money. The Galaxy Note 2 will be big enough to serve as a tablet with a 4G LTE radio, but small enough to pack as a smartphone.

That will make me one happy gadget camper indeed.

Are you in the market for a Galaxy Note 2? Is this your perfect device, or do you think it's too much phabulous phablet for your phront pocket to handle? Sound off!

Carlton Flowers
Phuture Phablet Man


Craptastic Samsung Galaxy S3 Reports - Debunking "HUB" Writers


Today marks Day 4 of my test for the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone from AT&T. I'm not even ready to start my official report of this phone, but I have to rant... about the crappy reports circulating around the blogosphere about this great device.

What in the world is wrong with the tech writers out there who are seriously dissing this phone? Are they using the same device that is in my hot hands? I have come to the conclusion that the critics of the SGS3 are suffering from "HUB"... that's "Head-Up-Butt" disease.

I'm sorry to say that, but the only way that I can conceivably think that someone wouldn't like this amazing smartphone is if their heads were secured in a warm, moist place. That is because this is the single most incredible gadget I have ever tinkered with.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has gone beyond my expectations. Maybe that is due to the fact that so many writers dogged it, and didn't give me a chance to avoid preconceived notions. But it clearly gets the "best-of-show" for every smartphone I have tested this year. Or ever.

First of all, the design is beautiful and ergonomic. When I first saw pictures, I did not like it. I thought it was a mistake for Samsung to go away from the square, angular design of the Galaxy S2. I thought the rounded corners made the phone "weak" looking. But I was wrong.

The Galaxy S3 feels like a work of art in my hands, compared to the feeling of the squared-off Galaxy S2. Yes, the Galaxy S2 does feel 100% better than the archaic iPhone 4 with its hard edges and brick-like structure, but the SGS2 will never feel the same way for me.

I seriously did not think the design would end up being so lovely to the touch. But it is. Even the edges of the screen are rounded and contoured into the side of the phone, much like the HTC One X. It just gives it such a natural feel.

The physical home button is a grand slam. I love it. I miss not having a real home button on my SGS2. That is one thing I did like about my iPhones (besides the fact that they stopped functioning after 6 months). I think the design of the SGS3 home button will afford it long-lived usage.

What I really don't understand would be all the whining from writers about the Samsung Galaxy S3 feeling "cheap" and "plasticky". What in the world motivates people to think this? Since when do you need a phone to feel like a heavy brick? Do we want a solid, shatter-crazy design like the iPhone 4S? I think not!

The weight and feel of the Galaxy S3 is perfect, in my opinion. For me, lighter is better. If I wanted a heavy phone I would have bought an HTC device. I will be just fine sticking with the Samsung line of smartphones that do not feel like lead weights in my pocket.

As I mentioned, I am nowhere near ready to start to talk about the functionality of this smartphone, but I will tell you that I have been completely flabbergasted. I have not scratched the surface of what this phone can do, but it has amazed me thus far.

With the level of success in sales that the Galaxy S3 has already achieved, it just makes me wonder what the real motivation for slamming this device must be. Are these people trolls? Or are they just suffering a bad case of HUB disease?

I don't know... but if you'll stick with me for about a week, you will get the REAL review of this most amazing device withought any fluff or crap. See ya then.

Carlton Flowers
The Real Galaxy S3 Reviewer

The HTC One X (AT&T) Is ___ In My Hands


I am on day three of test driving the new HTC flagship smartphone called the "One X", and I already have a lot to say about this device. To answer your question, it feels GREAT in my hands!

Right off the bat, out of the box, I was impressed. The One X is super thin. Far more thin than any HTC smartphone I have tested to date. And it "feels" right in my grip. Besides feeling wafer thin, the edges are rounded off and the screen melds into the casing.

The case seems to be made of a polymer composite that has the color built-in. I could be wrong, but it seems an aweful lot similar to the Nokia Lumia 900, other than the edges have a glossy finish.

The power and volume buttons are different than my Samsung Galaxy S2, so that took some getting used to. But they are nicely located on the top and right side of the phone, with the power plug on the left.

Something I noticed that was different on this smartphone than any other was the audio quality. With "Beats Audio" by Dr. Dre, playing music over the internal speaker is much more enjoyable than my Galaxy S2. My phone sounds like music coming from a tin can as compared to the One X, that plays music with a wider and more even frequency response.

Stay tuned for the next post, where I'll tell you the big difference I noticed with the qHD display, as compared to the Super AMOLED Plus display. You might be surprised! Until then, enjoy the video, or jump to Amazon Wireless and get your HTC One X today for only $169.99 on contract!

Carlton Flowers
Smartphone Testerizer


The Nokia Lumia 900 - And My Official Opinion is...


Okay folks, this is overdue. I had a 2-week long test period of the Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone (AT&T) and ran it through the ringer. Here's my official word on this device, and the Windows Phone Mango platoform!

Despite all of the reviews both positive and negative about this device, I am here to report to you that it gets an overall passing score, and my thoughts about the future of this device and Windows Phone Mango are still as positive as ever before.

First of all, I'll tell you that Windows Phone Mango is a breath of fresh air. It's not the same old mobile platofrm that we have seen for the past 3 years with Android and iOS. It's a "whole-nother" ball of wax. I picked up the phone right out of the box, and was able to understand how to navigate around instantly.

The Windows Phone Mango system on the Nokia Lumia is smooth, efficient, and super-intuitive. I didn't need to pull out the instructions to figure out how to operate the phone. Microsoft did a fantastic job in starting from scratch when they ditched Windows Mobile 6.5 to create the new platform.

Because of the ease of use, I see the Nokia Lumia 900 as an excellent choice for first-time smartphone buyers. I have told more smartphone newbies to look at the Lumia than any other device. It gets completely away from the old way of jamming hundreds of icons on a screen.

Knowing that 50% of the population still does not own a smartphone, I would say that all of the predictions of the Nokia Lumia 900 and Windows Phone Mango making a huge dent in the smartphone market over the next few years is absolutely true. The future of this device looks bright.

But getting back to the operating system, there are a few things that I absolutely love. First and foremost, the Live Tiles.

Everything you need to get to that you frequently use is located right on the home screen. And you can create a tile shortcut to your favorite things, even people. And what I also love is how all of the social media communities are combined into "news events". Rather than checking Twitter, Facebook and other sites, you get the latest "news" as a notification.

Something else that I found extremely useful with the Nokia Lumia is how messaging is aggregated. Instead of jumping back and forth between SMS messages and Facebook messages, for example, they all show up as generic "new messages" on the home screen. This saved me a ton of time. I was able to keep closer contact with all of my friends this way.

Some people prefer SMS, while others heavily use Twitter or Facebook. The Nokia Lumia 900 only looks at "current messages" rather than individual apps. That way, I can chat with everyone using their preferred method while only gazing at my home screen.

Accessing programs is a snap. If you swipe to the right, you see a verticle listing of all your apps and features, similar to what you get by clicking the "Start" button on Windows 7 with a PC. This was a big plus for me, since I am an avid PC user.

But the Lumia 900 is not just for Windows enthusiast. I'm starting to see more and more Apple iPhone users make the switch. As a matter of fact, one of the reps at my local AT&T store switched from owning an iPhone for 3 years to a Nokia Lumia 900, and she said she'll never switch back.

A big plus with the Lumia 900 is the solid build of the phone. It's a heavier and more solid-feeling smartphone than my Samsung Galaxy S2, but it's far more durable than a fragile iPhone 4S. The Lumia was built with a solid polycarbon composite body, and Gorilla glass for the display. It will survive drops, and the body of the phone is resistant to scratches because the color is built into the material.

The size of the display is 4.3" in diagonal measurement. That's the perfect size for people who dont' want a gargantuan "phablet", but also strain to read on the tiny 3.5" iPhone display. The resolution is 800x480 pixels, and while some gadget reporters complain about this, the average smartphone user will not have a single complaint about it. It looks great for multimedia and pictures, and doesn't have a lot of overkill.

Something else that many gadget geek reporters complained about is the single core 1.4GHz Qualcomm cpu. I don't understand the complaiing about this. The software written for the Lumia 900 is not "multi-threading", so it doesn't make a difference that it's not a dual core or quad core cpu. Speed-wise, I challenge any user to notice a real difference. It cuts through apps and functions with ease, and the majority of users won't tell a bit of difference as compared to other high-end smartphones.

The cameras on the phone don't just cut the mustard, they actually perform quite well. You have a Carl Zeiss branded lens on the rear 8Mp camera with 3X zoom plus a dual-LED flash, and it takes extremely high quality photos and video. The front facing camera is plenty good for video chatting at 1Mp, and is extremely clear.

I was impressed that I had no problems running apps and multitasking with the 512mb of RAM. Most smartphones are packing a standard 1Gb of RAM, but this does not seem to slow down the Lumia 900. It has more of a standard internal memory capacity at 16Gb for storing pictures, multimedia content, and files.

I don't know if it was just my excitement about the phone, or possibly that listening to music was a richer, fuller experience than other smartphones that I have tested. I seemed to have less trouble connecting to streaming music services, and using the music and video player was quite smooth.

Surfing the net with the Nokia Lumia 900 was also a thrill when running on a 4G LTE service area in St. Louis, but the HSPA+ 4G connectivity was also impressive. My download speed tests had the Lumia competing right in the ballpark of other devices.

Making phone calls with the Lumia was as I would expect it to be, and the sound quality when using the earpiece was fairly rich and robust. I'm picky about how a smartphone "feels" when smashed up to my ear, and I didn't seem to have any discomfort when having long conversations.

Last but not least, the battery life of the Lumia 900 impressed me. I noticed that the phone would stay charged when leaving it on in standby mode much longer than my Android device. I would put it on par or better than the battery life of the iPhone 4S. Battery drain is a real issue with high-end smartphones, but there's no worry here.

At the end of my test period, I was truly sad to see this phone go. When I first got the phone, my Galaxy S2 had experienced a malfunction and would not charge. I was forced to use the Lumia 900 fully. It was a big plus that picking up the new system was as easy as it was.

I could go on and on and bore you with more technical details, but I think the people who would consider buying this smartphone just need to know that the Windows Phone Mango system is truly a different experience, and the Nokia Lumia 900 was truly a "fun" smartphone to use.

I give it an overall resounding passing grade, and I would recommend this device first and foremost to new smartphone users. But anyone else who is looking for a change of pace should definitely give it a test drive, because I believe that Microsoft will only be offering more and more apps as developers start to give Windows Phone Mango more attention.

If you have a Nokia Lumia 900, I would love to hear your thoughts on whether or not you're going to stick with the Microsoft platform! Until then, I better bring this post to a close, because this is the longest article I have written about a new smartphone!

Carlton Flowers
Nokia/Mango Fanboy


You can own the Nokia Lumia 900 for as low as $49 with a 2-year contract from AT&T through Amazon Wireless! Enjoy the intuitive Windows Phone Mango operating environment with all of the hardware features you expect with a smartphone like 4G LTE internet connectivity, a Carl Zeiss 8Mp camera, front-facing camera for video chatting, 16Mb of internal memory storage, SD card expandabilty, and more! Get it now while the special lasts!



Best Android Phones of 2012 - The Big Phat Note


So... continuing on my series of writing about the best deals on Android smartphones, I want to reel back and re-post one of the lost blog articles that I wrote before the gigantic Samsung Galaxy Note hit the market.

Let's take a look back at what my thoughts were, and then we'll hit the fast forward and talk more about the Galaxy Note and what has become a surprising success of a device!

Here's the "Blast From The Past" post for your enjoyment!


The Samsung Galaxy Note is back in the news! Samsung is set to launch the tremendously-sized tablet/smartphone hybrid on February 19th, 2012 via AT&T. If you have $300 to spare and a hankering for a Texas-sized display, your day is coming!

Bloggers and tech writers are calling devices of this type the "phablet", which is a ridiculous yet catching-sounding nickname for this prototype. The Galaxy Note certainly isn't the first phablet to hit the market, but may very well be the first successful device to enter the high tech mobile market.

In the past, we saw the Dell Streak 5 do a big fat belly flop when it entered the world of smartphones, and it fizzled just as fast as it entered. But Samsung's Galaxy Note has taken a different approach to the phablet concept, and they've added a pile of features that we have not seen in the past.

The Galaxy Note will sport a whopping 5.3" Super AMOLED 1280x800 display and it will be packing a 4G LTE radio. But there's something unique that the Note will include that others have not. The Galaxy Note will attempt bringing back the stylus.

We haven't seen styluses since the days of the Palm Treo. Unlike the stylus-packing "somewhat smart" phones of the past, the Note will have a capacitive screen just like the regular line of Galaxy S devices.

You'll be able to operate the phone with your fat little fingers, and you'll also be able to make much more accurate delineations with the stylus, dubbed the "S Pen".

The S Pen will take you to new levels of functionality. You can make hand written notes on web pages and documents, convert handwriting into standard text, and even take screen shots on the fly. This is something we have never seen in a smartphone, and what I believe to be the biggest missing feature of all the tablets on the market including the iPad.

The Galaxy Note is not packing the latest processing power, however, as it will only feature a dual core 1.0GHz cpu. Honestly, I don't think this is going to cause any lagging or other serious issues with operation, but I sure would have liked to see the 1.5GHz Exynos processor in this device for what they are charging.

Nonetheless, it's going to be a versatile gadget that will stand out in the crowded Android smartphone market. If I wasn't on month number 3 of my current upgrade, and if I had $300 burning a hole in my pocket, I would probably be the first in line to buy the Note.

It would be perfect for the engineer type that I am. Is the Galaxy Note in your crosshairs? Do you think $300 is a fair price for a monstrous phablet? Sound off and let me know what you think!

Carlton Flowers
Phabulous Phablet Watcher


Take advantage of the price drop on the Galaxy Note! The price has come down to $189 at the Amazon Wireless store when signing up for a 2-year contract! Get all the details on this fantastic "Phablet" by clicking the link above or the picture to the left, and grab yours while the special is still on!

Upgrade Madness - Android Conversion, My Personal Story


Howdy folks! Here's another post from the former blog that got eaten by the ugly blog host provider switch monster. This was a really good story about my most recent upgrade, when I moved from my iPhone to the Samsung Galaxy S2.

What got my blood pressure up was the fact that they released a better phone only 3 or 4 weeks after I made my purchase. I'm still satisfied with what I've got, but this is quite an entertaining story. Enjoy!

Getting Off The Upgrade Merry-Go-Round (October 2011)

Yesterday, BGR ran an exclusive story about AT&T launching the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket and the HTC Vivid for $100 less than the expected release prices.

The Skyrocket was reported to be $150, and the Vivid $99. As soon as I heard the news from my good buddy Tim Largent, I nearly stroked out. My heart rate raced.

I quickly did the math in my mind to figure out if I was still within my 30-day grace period of purchasing my Galaxy S2 smartphone. I figured that I had two weeks left. My first thought? Get this thing back to the AT&T Store and trade it straightway for a Skyrocket.

When I bought my Galaxy S2, the selling price was $199. However, it was being sold on the Amazon site at $149. I’m an Amazon affiliate, and I had planned on purchasing my SGS2 online. But I sold my iPhone 4 so fast, I had to get my SGS2 locally so I could reset the iPhone and get it shipped out in the promised time frame.

I called my local AT&T Store and asked the sales staff if I could possibly purchase my SGS2 for the same price that it was being sold on the Amazon website, and also at Walmart for $50 less, and they agreed. I was ecstatic.

I made the purchase for $149, bought a couple of accessories, and off I went to the post office to ship off my iPhone 4. Life was good, and I was glad to have finally settled in with my new Android phone.

What a relief it was to step off of the smartphone upgrade merry-go-round… or so I thought. A few weeks later, and this bogus story on BGR pops up about the Galaxy Skyrocket.

Compared to the Galaxy S2, the Satellite has a 1.5GHz Qualcomm dual core processor (which is slower than the Exynos 1.2GHz CPU), plus the bigger 4.52” display that would suit me well. Plus, it is equipped with an AT&T LTE radio.

I have been perfectly happy and content with my Galaxy S2, and I actually like the 4.3” size a little better than the bigger 4.52” display. But for the same exact price, LTE capability, and a faster CPU, I figured this was well worth the $35 restocking fee for a straight trade.

It took 4 attempts before I finally got through to a sales rep at the local store. But during the time that passed before I got to a live person, I started to doubt whether or not I really needed to be doing the trade in the first place.

The big worry I had was the larger display. Problem is, I can barely text with one hand using the 4.3” display. That extra little 1/8 of an inch would probably stretch my ability to use the phone one-handed.

Plus, I use my smartphone to track my running exercise. I do 5 mile+ runs three times per week, and I use the Runtastic app to track my time and distance. 4.3” is the biggest size phone I can comfortably grip when running for an hour.

Another thing that went through my mind was the fact that we may not even see LTE coverage in Jefferson City for another year or two. AT&T isn’t really slated to have nationwide LTE coverage until the year 2013.

So that meant the only advantage would be the slightly faster processor.

Well, I finally got through to a salesperson and asked whether or not I could do a trade. The sales clerk said yes, as long as I paid the $35 fee. I told her that I had heard the Samsung Galaxy S2 Satellite was being sold for less than the original price of the regular Galaxy S2,which was $149.

She placed me on hold to check and verify the price. She came back and told me that there was no such sale going on. The Galaxy Satellite was still $249, and the HTC Vivid was still $199. She had no idea where that pricing information had come from, and I told her that it was reported on a major tech blog site.

I thanked her for helping me, and hung up the phone relieved that I wouldn’t have to go through the trouble to switch, or put up with the 4.52” display. I decided to go back to the BGR blog post to see if I could find an explanation for such a glaring error.

Where did they get their information, I wondered?

To my surprise, they added an update to the post which explained that the sale pricing was apparently being offered only in certain regions.

I would like to thank BGR for sending me on a wild goose chase and getting my blood pressure up over nothing. I should have trusted my gut feeling and not even let this phase me or tempt me.

But this is what happens when technology moves so fast that you can’t guarantee your phone won’t be obsolete during your 30-day return period.

After being tempted by having LTE phone, I decided to take a look at the AT&T coverage map. Of course we won’t have LTE any time soon, but I wanted to at least check to see how the HSPA+ “fake 4g” coverage was in our area.

Come to find out, in Central Missouri, we don’t even have HSPA+ coverage yet. So why all the fuss anyway? I think I can turn a deaf ear to all of the new gadgets coming out and end my upgrade envy now.

And hey, I’ll be satisfied when the day comes that I can at least get the fake 4G download speeds on my Samsung Galaxy S2.

Do you have any crazy stories about upgrading, waiting to upgrade, or getting off of the upgrade vicious circle? Spout off in the comments below and tell me how you really feel about it!

Carlton Flowers
Gadget Man

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Grab your Samsung Galaxy S2 right now and you will enjoy a super capable smartphone with a 4.3" Super AMOLED Display, 1.2GHz dual core cpu, 16Gb of storage, 1Gb of RAM, 8Mp rear camera with flash, 1.3Mp front facing camera for video chat, blazing fast HSPA+ 4G download speeds on the AT&T network, and more! Grab one at a great price while the deal lasts. Only $9.99 for family plan upgrades, and $39.99 for single phone plan upgrades!

Samsung Galaxy S3 - Seriously Exciting Features!


We're a few months away from the release of Samsung's next flagship device, the Galaxy S3. We're not sure at this point what the official name will be, but the hardware details on this phone are clear.

We've talked about the amazing display on this device, but let's focus on a few other things that have me chewing my fingernails in anticipation!

Wireless Charging

You'll be able to charge your Samsung Galaxy S3 without a cord. Instead, you'll be using a charging pad that utilizes magnetic resonance, or "inductive charging", to recharge the battery. Just set it on the pad, and the charging starts.

Lightweight Design

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be sporting a huge 4.8" display, which all but blinds my eyes in comparison to the tiny 3.5" display found on the current iPhone 4S. But here's the "wow factor"... the S3 weighs in at 133 grams. The tiny iPhone 4S? A chubby 140 grams.

Smart Stay

One annoying thing about using smartphones that are in battery-saving auto dim mode is that the screen goes dim when you are trying to read something. The Galaxy S3 will use "Smart Stay" to keep the screen bright when it senses a user's hand near the screen, or the user's face. That's amazing.

S Beam

You'll be able to transfer files from one Galaxy S3 to another with the S Beam feature. It's like "Bump", but better. Just place the devices back-to-back, and you'll be able to transfer music, notes, pictures, or any type of file that is stored on your smartphone.

Tremendous Storage

The Galaxy S3 uses MicroSDXS storage card technogy. That means you'll be able to add a whopping 64 gigabytes of extra storage space to the phone if you so desire. Add that to the existing built-in memory of 16, 32, or 64 gigabytes, and you've got a lot of honking memory.

Best Photo

Your Galaxy S3 smartphone will be able to take 20 pictures in rapid fashion, then pick the best 8 for you to select from and save your favorite pics. Features like this truly gray the line inbetween high-end DSLR camera and smartphone camera.

Direct Call

Let's say you are having a text conversation with a friend. Just pick up your phone and place it on your ear. The Samsung Galaxy S3 will call that person automatically just from the gesture!

So that's a nice roundup of some of the things that really caught my attention with Samsung's newest Galaxy smartphone. I'm sure there will be more to come as details are unveiled, but this is enough to get my heart racing!

Are these new features cool enough to make you pull a couple hundred bucks out of your pocket for an upgrade this summer? Would you chose this smartphone over the next iPhone? Would you switch from an iPhone 4S to a Samsung Galaxy S2? Chime in, share your thoughts!

Carlton Flowers
Galaxy Gazer


Go shopping now and get great deals at Amazon Wireless!

Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket Is One High-Flying Gadget


My wife has had a Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket 4G LTE smartphone now for 6 months. I bought it for her after Thanksgiving on a "Cyber Monday" sale for an undisclosed ridiculously low price. Now it's time to spill the beans on how it has performed!

First of all, let me tell you this... I had just purchased my own Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone one month before buying my wife's Galaxy Skyrocket. I am still pretty salty the whole deal, because I am the gadget nerd, not my wife, and she has the more technologically advanced device.

While I am seriously jealous of my wife's Galaxy Skyrocket, I am still 100% pleased with my Galaxy SII smartphone. We'll get into that on my next post. But for now, let me tell you what I love so much about the wife's Skyrocket.

First of all, the screen size is ever-so-slightly-larger at 4.5" in diagonal size versus 4.3" on my S2. The Super AMOLED Plus display is just spanking amazing. For me, bigger is better, and I love the extra size that the Galaxy Skyrocket sports. From what I have observed, you're not going to find a better display on the market than that of the Samsung Super AMOLED.

Watching video content, whether it be movies, television shows, or YouTube videos, cannot be beat on this device. Somehow, the engineers who came up with this display have perfected the contrast and color brilliance to where it is almost more vivid than real life. And that is no exaggeration.

Surfing the net and downloading content on the Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket is an absolute pleasure. This is a 4G LTE phone running on AT&T's latest greatest network, plus it drops back to the enhanced HSPA+ 4G network when you're not in an LTE coverage area.

While visiting St. Louis a couple of weeks ago, I was downloading on my wife's Skyrocket at 32Mbps, while uploading at 6Mbps. Comparitively, my Galaxy S2 was downloading at 11Mbps and uploading at 2Mbps (still respectable). Internet data transfer speeds are insane when using your device in an LTE area.

The Galaxy Skyrocket is no slouch when it comes to functionality and computing power. It is packing a dual core 1.5GHz processor, and has no problem pushing applications and multitasking. You've got 1Gb of RAM to help run several programs at once with no observable lag.

No review of mine would be complete without talking about durability. The Galaxy Skyrocket ranks super high, just like the Galaxy S2 when it comes to its ability to survive drops. The phone is super light, and the screen is made of a Gorilla Glass product. Unlike heavier smartphones made by HTC and Apple, this one is not going to shatter in a gillion pieces when it hits the ground.

As far as looks, you can't get any better than the white Galaxy Skyrocket with the gorgeous sliver trim! This has got to be one of the sweetest-looking smartphones I have ever seen. I ordered the standard black version for my wife, but the new white model comes with the silver trim on the outer edges.

Without getting out of control on the geek talk, I'll wrap this up by telling you that I believe the Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket 4G LTE smartphone from AT&T Wireless is probably one of the best values on the market for the price. Currently, it's only $79.99 with a 2-year contract.

If you are an Android fan and you're due for an upgrade, there's no hesitation in my recommendation that the Skyrocket will will be your best bet. Hands-down.

Carlton Flowers
Gadget Reporter Supreme


Grab the Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket 4G LTE smartphone from Amazon Wireless for as low as $79.99 with a 2-year contract through AT&T today! Enjoy the fantastic 4.5" Super AMOLED Plus display, the powerful 1.5GHz processor, and the blazing fast 4G LTE internet speeds with this popular handset made by Samsung. Get yours while the price is low!


Samsung Galaxy Note Price Drop On Amazon


It's been a while since I reported about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4G smartphone available from AT&T Wireless. I had the rare opportunity to test this handset a month ago, and I loved it. There's been a recent price drop on this monstrosity, so I thought I'd alert the troops.

You can snag this hybrid smartphone/tablet from Amazon for only $229 at the moment. No clue as to how long this price will stay low, so grab it while you can. It comes in black and white, and is yours with a 2-year contract agreement from AT&T.

To refresh you, I think this is the most amazing concept device ever released in the smartphone niche. The Galaxy Note is a super capable computer running on a dual core 1.5GHz processor and the ginormous 5.3" 1280x800 Super AMOLED HD display and the first stylus to hit the streets since the days of the Palm Treo series.

If you are anything like me, not sure of whether or not a tablet computer is a good purchase and justifiable expense, the Samsung Galaxy Note is the answer. You're getting a smartphone plus a tablet all in one, with a very unique feature...

The Samsung S Pen gives this device functionality that nother tablet can offer. It's a pressure-sensitive stylus that you can use to take notes, annotate pictures, scribble notes on maps, and even do artwork. There is no comparison between the S Pen and the older styluses that were basically resistance-touch operational only.

You can forget needing an extra 4G LTE wireless service agreement like those that carry iPhones and iPads, because the Samsung Galaxy Note is the perfect in-between device that covers communication and data consumption like a tablet. I think it's the perfect combination.

For all the critics out there who say that the Galaxy Note is "too big", they can put a lid on their constant complaining. How could 5.3" be a problem when people are so willing to haul around iPads at 9.7" in size? And I'm sorry, but the Galaxy Note is not nearly as big as the telephones and cell phones of yesterday!

Whatever the case, the Samsung Galaxy Note is an excellent value for those that want a wide range of functionality in a smartphone without the need of buying a tablet or laptop. I give it my highest recommendation, and I think you'd be pleased with what it can do and how it can make your work life more efficient.

I'll keep you posted if I see any more price movement, or if any fresh rumors pop out. Do you have a Samsung Galaxy Note? Chime in and let us know what you love the most about this device!

Carlton Flowers
Gadget Watchdog


Click the thumbnails on the left to jump to Amazon Wireless where you can purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 4G smartphone tablet hybrid for $229 through AT&T Wireless on a 2-year contract! Get the best of both worlds with a cutting-edge smartphone combined with the most bombastic Super AMOLED display for a smartphone that money can buy with its 5.3" diagonal size and S Pen smart stylus!

The Pantech Element - My Surprising Final Analysis


I spent two quality weeks with the Pantech Element tablet, provided by AT&T Wireless. It has warped my traditionally negative view of tablets. I've officially been softened. Here's why...

The Pantech Element is an 8" HD tablet device that has every possible feature you would want, and I would put it squarely on the same level as an iPad 3. That's a bold statement, but it is fact.

Size-wise, I'm loving the smaller 8" diagonal display. It's about as big as I would want a tablet device to be. I have never been comfortable proping up a huge iPad with it's 9.7" dipslay. There is just no comfortable way for me to use it other than lying flat on a table.

But the 8" Pantech Element is small enough to hold without discomfort, and big enough to really enjoy multimedia content with its rich display.

A few of the things that I enjoyed on the Element that you won't find on the iPad 3 are Adobe Flash support, a fantastic haptic response on the display, and full waterproof casing. Those are 3 things that I find quite useful that add to the functionality and user experience.

I enjoyed using the Pantech Element to surf Facebook, watch YouTube videos, Netflix, and for reading articles on the Pulse News application. Even reading emails was a fun task on the Element.

The multimedia content viewing was further enhanced by the rich, full sound eminating from the speakers within the device. It was quite a suprise to hear the sound quality coming from the Element. I did not expect such a full sound, but something more "canned" and shallow.

If I were to spend the money on a tablet, which I am now considering in the future, it would be something on the order of a Pantech Element or smaller. I would mainly use it for consuming multimedia content, and for checking emails on the go.

With its 4G LTE radio service, you can download content at blazing fast speeds. When testing this unit in St. Louis, was achieving download speeds upwards of 37Mbps, and upload speeds of 12.4Mpbs. That was truly unexpected. This could almost cause a problem with rapid data consumption and blowing past the download limits!

In the final analysis, I would have to say that Pantech is a serious competitor on the market with the Element tablet and also the Burst smartphone. Both devices scored super-high in my testing, and I'm seriously impressed with the quality of their build and the ease of use.

Pantech is a sleeper. If they continue making great devices like this, I think companies like Apple, Samsung, and HTC better watch the back door... because Pantech could be in position to kick it in and grab center stage!

Carlton Flowers
Avid Gadget Tester

Smartphone Buying Advice for Springtime 2012


I get a lot of questions from friends and family on what smartphone devices to get at the current time. I've decided to start an ongoing series, maybe once a month, to fill you in on what my current picks and advice would be for people who are in the "buy zone".

It's May, 2012, and the smartphone market is as hot as ever. There are a slew of new phones coming right around the corner, and my first word of advisement to anyone is to wait. Just wait it out and see what the summer brings.

We are on the cusp of the Samsung Galaxy S3, and it promises to be a whale of a phone, quite possibly the best ever released on the market. We will also see an iPhone 5 (or the "new iPhone") sometime this summer or early fall. For avid Android and Apple fans that want the cutting-edge stuff, wait it out.

But for those that aren't bent on having the latest-greatest super smartphone device on the market, there are some great values out there right now. The top dogs of the fall are now being offered at firesale prices, and you won't be disappointed. Well, there is the exception of the iPhone 4S, which is not going to be offered at a discount for quite some time.

If you don't have a preference for an operating system, your best bet right at this very moment would be the Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket smartphone. My wife owns one, and she is 100% satisfied.

What I like about the Skyrocket is the extra large 4.5" Super AMOLED Plus display, and the fact that it is a true 4G LTE capable smartphone. Once we get LTE service in Central Missouri, this will be an awesome handset to own.

I have tested out the Galaxy Skyrocket on the AT&T 4G LTE network in St. Louis, and the phone was pulling download speeds of 32Mbps and uploading at 6Mbps. That's monumental. My home cable internet does not run that fast, and we're able to get that on a smartphone.

The Skyrocket is a capable phone when it comes to specs. You have a dual core 1.5GHz cpu, 1Gb of RAM, 16Gb of internal storage, and dual cameras that are the best out there. The rear main camera is an 8Mp, and the front-facing camera is 2Mp. Most are only boasting 1.3Mp on the front.

Besides all of the fantastic cutting edge hardware specs, the Galaxy Skyrocket is duarable. This is one of the best benefits of the Samsung line of Galaxy smartphones. They are durable. I have a Galaxy S2, and I have dropped it many times on super hard surfaces. It has survived all of my abuse.

The Galaxy Skyrocket is built very similar to the Galaxy S2, so you can expect the same durability. One aspect that lends to that super durability is the phone's light weight. The heavier a smartphone, the harder it falls. That might be why I have not destroyed my Galaxy S2 up until now.

Prices on the Galaxy Skyrocket will jump around from week to week. Right now you can nab one for around $79 or higher from the Amazon Wireless store. Hit the link below and you'll be redirected to Amazon where you can purchase your Skyrocket along with a 2-year upgrade.

You'll get a choice between a black verision, and a white version that now comes with a stylish silver rim running the perimeter of the face. You won't be disappointed with either style!

Next time, we'll talk about a few other choices that would work well for May 2012 smartphone buyers. For now, go check out the Skyrocket or hit the link to read more about it at the Amazon Wireless store.

Post your questions and comments. Don't be shy!

Carlton Flowers
Supersmart Smartphone Advisor

Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

HTC One X Pre-Order Special At Amazon For $149


Folks, the HTC One X is about to roll out! You can stand in line now by pre-ordering your very own from the Amazon Wireless store through AT&T for only $149 with a new 2-year contract. Check the link below!

Click the link below to jump to Amazon Wireless to check out the HTC One X now! It comes with a huge 4.7" HD 720p display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 4G LTE connectivity through AT&T Wireless, GPS, hotspot capability, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, full 1080p video capture, front and rear-facing cameras, 16Gb of storage, and more.

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