CZ Blog Making The Switch To Disqus


Good news CZ Bloggers, I will be changing over to the Disqus commenting platform sometime this week. I have decided to make the switch because Disqus offers more flexibility and options for commenting that what the plain Squarespace platform has.

There is a chance that I will lose all of the previous comments from the blog site, so please accept my apologies if you don't see your old posts.

When I made the switch from Quansite to Squarespace, I lost my entire blog. All of the history of my posts were not imported to my new provider. It was very unfortunate, but a sacrifice that I had to make.

When I launched the new site, I wasn't aware that readers could not post. But after I had changed the settings to allow any unregistered user to post, I didn't realize that the comments were still not showing up because I had to individually approve each comment.

I "turned on" all of the comments last week, and they all populated on the blog site at once. I had no idea that I was even receiving these comments, because I did not get email notifications like I had gotten on the older platform.

There might be a way that I could copy and paste the comments from over the summer, but I may just take my chances and make the switch now just to get it over with. You will all certainly enjoy the Disqus platform tremendously, and I think it will truly add to the reader experience here in the Carlton Zone.

I have missed a lot of my classic reader comments, and I hope everyone comes back to join the discussion. But a big thanks to my top commenter and good friend Postal Jim for bringing all of this to my attention, and helping me work through to a solution!

I'll post an article to everyone when the Disqus platform is up and running, and we'll let the robust discussions begin!

Thank you all for sticking with me, and I truly love blogging and interacting with you about our favorite geek topics!

Carlton Flowers
Formerly Disqusted, Soon-To-Be Disqused!