Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Design Confirmed By Faked Photoshop Images


I have to say that all I could do was just laugh when I read the news last week regarding the "leaked photos" of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

Several blog sites jumped all over the release of fake photographs of a photoshopped image of a mockup Galaxy Note 2 design. This is par for the course in tech rumors. People swear they have unearthed the design of the next big gadget, only to find out that they have been snookered themselves.

But what cracks me up is how it all unfolded. First, they reported the story as "legit" because the fake photoshopped mockup matched the design that was "leaked" by a previous fabrication artist. I guess if you have matching fake mockups, that means the pictures are 100% legitimate.

Somewhere along the lines, I would think that reporters would try to dig up at least a shred of credible evidence before they go blabbing the news that they undermined the tech giants by outing their new hardware design. But that never happens.

I previously reported about the fake iPhone 5 digitizer and my opinion that it is complete garbage. But the same process holds true there also. They used the digitizer as proof of the new design because it fit the dimensions of a fake case that supposedly was "shipped" from China. The same thing happened last year before the iPhone 4S was released.

I love it when the big blog sites release their retractions after getting hoodwinked into believing these ridiculous stories. It makes for great gadget entertainment at the very least.

Here's my new bold prediction: The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will look exactly like the final design that Samsung has successfully kept hidden!

Thank you,

Carlton Flowers
Geek Rumor Buster