Best Apps - "Google Keep" Is King Of "To Do" Types


Howdy folks! This is the first of my "Best Apps" series where I will showcase some of my favorite apps that help me stay productive, solve problems, or just plain have fun.

Today, we'll talk about something I just discovered a week ago called "Google Keep".

I'm always game for an app that serves as a To Do list type of organizing tool. But none of them can come close to Google Keep.

You can do so many things with this app, and I love the way the interface works. This happens to be my favorite of all organizer apps just because of the way it looks and works.

Instead of a plain to-do checkbox list, you can add elements to this app just like placing sticky notes on the fridge. The elements can be whatever you want: to-do lists, pictures, audio memos, quick notes, and more.

A bonus advantage to this app that I totally love is the ability to pull up your Google Keep account on any computer or device that has an internet connection when you use your Gmail account. That means you are never far away from your notes!

Check out Google Keep on Android and iOS, and the desktop version using any operating system and an internet connection. It rocks! For Android, click the pic to jump to Google Play Store and download the app.

Do you have a favorite app that you'd like me to check out? Tell me all about it in the Disqus comments section. If it is interesting enough, I might even try it out myself!

Stay tuned for more "Best Apps". I have a lot of good ones to share!

Carlton Flowers
App Extremist