New Galaxy S5 - Top 5 Reason Samsung Engineers Are STUPID


Time for another Top 5! This time, we will give you the top five indisputable reasons why Samsung enginerds have about as much common sense as a tree stump when it comes to the latest and greatest flagship smartphone coming from the far East, the Galaxy S5:

1) No Text Reflow - Want to be able to zoom in to see text with ease, but without panning side-to-side? You're not gonna be able to do that with the Galaxy S5 stock browser.

2) Must Use After-Market Browsers To Read - Tired of panning on smartphones when the text is not reformatted to fit the screen? You can download an after-market browser. But that means you don't get to use all the new gadgety cool tricks and features that the stock browser provides like tilt scrolling, eye scrolling, and touchless gestures. Pure stroke of stupid if you ask me.

3) The Text Reflow Is M.I.A. - How do you like pounding your head on the table after trying to read tons of text on your smartphone? You better get a helmet and get used to it if you buy a Galaxy S5 this spring.

4) Lack of Text Reflow - How bright are the Samsung enginerds to throw in everything but the kitchen sink into the stock browser... EXCEPT TEXT REFLOW? Ya got me, partner. If they could only dumb them down to include the most obvious advantageous function of the browser, that would be nice. But I guess they aren't HTC engineers.

5) Text Reflow No-Show - We complained when the Galaxy S2 didn't have it. We passed rumors about it coming with the stock S3 browser before it came out, and were sorely disappointed. Then we groaned and pounded our heads when it was left out AGAIN on the fabulous Galaxy S4. So if you're holding your breath waiting for it to be included on the Galaxy S5, plan on turning blue.

So there you have it folks! If this doesn't prove that the Samsung enginerds are stupid, I don't know what does. I guess you can tell that this text reflow thing really chaps my buns. Hopefully that has been made obvious here.

I've stuck by Samsung thus far, and it is by far the best smartphone on the market... in my opinion. But if someone releases a device that can out perform and function as well as the Galaxy S5 when I'm due for an upgrade, it's bye bye Samsung for me.

Carlton Flowers
Text Reflow Activist


Samsung Galaxy Update - S4 Release Rumors Heat Up


It's time for the Samsung Galaxy Update! The up-and-coming Galaxy S IV is said to be released on March 14th, according to several reputable tech blog sites. Could this be the moment we've all been waiting for?

Previous rumors held that the device would be first released in Europe this spring, with the US to follow in May or June of 2013. I tend to believe the old rumors, but the buzz seems to be pointing toward a March release here in the states.

I for one would love to see an early release, because the earliest that I can get my grubby hands on the cutting edge Samsung Galaxy S IV would be May of 2013. This is according to the new "early upgrade" rule that allows the primary contract holder to upgrade their phone after 18 months. The old rule allowed an early upgrade after 12 months.

New rumors claim that the Galaxy S4 will have the ability to allow hand gestures for scrolling and selecting, thus allowing users to maneuver through the operating system without greasing up the display. This is something I would love to see. It might cut down on my obsessive-compulsive screen cleaning.

Something else that I would almost call far-fetched is the rumor that the Galaxy S4 will include the capability to perform "eye scroll", and "eye pause". That sounds exciting, but I don't know how reliable that could be for someone with poor eyesight like myself. My jittery eyes might cause the device to have a complete meltdown.

Other rumors are ebbing and flowing. The original story was that the Galaxy S4 would include a quad core CPU. About 2 months ago, we started hearing reports of an eight core processor.

I called shenanigans on that one, simply because there would be no use for an eight core processor at this time. Current programming cannot tap into such power. But now the tech prognosticators are returning to the older quad core prediction.

The device size still seems to be 4.99" according to the experts, and I don't see this changing. But a new rumor suggests that the design cues will come from the yet-to-be-released Galaxy Note 8.0. I don't think anyone has a firm handle on what the Note 8.0 will look like. So this one I call bunk. Look for the Galaxy S4 to take its design cues from the Galaxy Note II.

We will keep a close eye out for the next month. But I don't see the possibility of anyone nailing the final design before it is officially released. It didn't happen with the Galaxy S III, and I don't think it will happen with the S IV.

One thing that will happen, however, is that the Galaxy S IV will be a ground-breaking device. Again. Not like the boring incremental updates of the rival iPhone, even with it's new 6th generation device that is now on the market.

I'll be excited to see some significant feature upgrades, and a powerful smartphone that will have the power of a small laptop. Until then, we'll separate the good rumors from the garbage and see how close we get to the final release!

Carlton Flowers
Samsung Galaxy Update Specialist


Samsung Galaxy S3 Review - Part Deux


It's time for part 2 of the Samsung Galaxy S3 review that was provided to me by AT&T St. Louis (THANK YOU!) for thorough testing.

I've got more stuff to say about the hardware of the flagship phone that will now be in the spotlight, since Apple has banned its predecessor, the iPhone 4S Galaxy S2 clone.

The shape, form, and function of the Galaxy S3 is a hit. It is ergonomic. Never would I have thought that a gigantic 4.8" display smartphone would fit so well in your hand. The only drawback is not being able to reach a good portion of the upper left screen with your thumb. But it's worth the sacrifice.

The colors of the brushed polycarbonate body are very pleasing to the eye. The Marble White and Pebble Blue have a sleek look, and the blue looks almost metallic.

The polycarbonate makes for a light phone, and that means you'll always have whiners who say it feels "cheap". But the reason this happens is due to Apple brainwashing people into thinking smartphones should weigh 5 pounds and have thick glass screens that shatter on impact.

If you haven't been mentally programmed by Apple, you will probably think this phone has a high quality build and you will appreciate the lightness.

Something new about the Galaxy S3 is the location of the lock button. With its new super large size, it has been moved to the side instead of the top. It's a whole lot easier to access the lock button with one hand at its new location.

A huge advantage that continues on with the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the removable battery. You don't get that with other brands. The battery cover is easy to remove, and the humongous super efficient battery pops right out. On that note, I must say that the battery life of the S3 was very impressive.

When you pop off the back cover, you'll notice that you don't have to remove the battery to get to the SD card slot or the SIM slot. Other models like to hide these items behind the battery.

The last thing I will mention in this post is the speed of the device. With a quad core 1.4GHz processor and 1Gb of RAM, aplications fly. There's no "glitchyness" in scrolling, loading, or running apps.

From my testing, the cameras have been improved and so has the camera software. It's packing 8 megapixels in the back and 2 megapixels in the front. Plus you have the new picture sharing capability, where you can send pics to other S3 devices in close proximity.

Next we'll talke more about hardware upgrades, and software functionality. I have a lot to share about this phone. I'll admit, it was an instant love affair when I took it out of the box, and my adoration for this device did not end when I had to sadly pack it up and send it back.

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S3? What are your favorite new features? Talk about it in the Disqus comments section below!

Carlton Flowers
Samsung Tester

Want A Samsung Galaxy S2? Better Get It NOW


Folks, this is your last chance to buy the unbreakable version of the iPhone 4. It's called the Samsung Galaxy S2. It could be pulled from shelves in the near future.

After a recent landmark court case proved that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is in fact the iPhone 4S in an unbreakable case with a better display, Apple has decided to bench the superior version of their smartphone. This leaves consumers with the more fragile, smaller version of the iPhone 4S.

If you want to get your hands on the higher quality version that costs about $90 less than the original iPhone 4S, you better hit the link below to get your hands on one for as low as $10. It's still available from Amazon Wireless.

But seriously, my friends, I recommend buying the Samsung Galaxy S3 from AT&T first and foremost, then other carriers, versus the Galaxy S2. But if you don't have a need for the latest-greatest, the Galaxy S2 is an amazing smartphone to have at a great price.

Too bad banning the Galaxy S2 will only lead to stronger sales for the Galaxy S3 and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 2. But time will probably teach the best lesson.

UPDATE: Sorry, but it is GONE! Sadly, the Galaxy S2 is not for sale on Amazon any longer. But you can check out the great deals on the Galaxy S3 by clicking the links below.

Carlton Flowers
Deal Watcher

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Review - The Chowder Heads Rebuffed


I'm so miffed by a lot of the reviews on the Samsung Galaxy S3 that I had to make up a new word. The trollicious chowder heads who claim it is a disappointment and not a major upgrade over the Galaxy S2 must have a hidden agenda.

In the immortal words of Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon, let me make this perfectly clear! The Galaxy S3 is most definitely a quantum leap upgrade over the Galaxy S2. I own a Galaxy S2, and thanks to AT&T St. Louis, I have had quality time test driving the Galaxy S3. Therefore, I speak from hands-on experience.

First of all, the design is amazingly ergonomic. When I first saw the rounded design of the Galaxy S3, I was disappointed. All of that vaporized when I first held the new device in my hand. The feel of the smartphone's upgraded body is much more ergonomic than its predecessor, and it is aesthetically superior when compared side-by-side.

I love the smooth rounded edges, plus the transition from the edges of the screen to the bezel. It has a slightly convex curvature similar to the HTC One X. It is a far cry from the hard edges of the iPhone 4S. The Galaxy S2 seems to take its cues from the 4S, while the S3 enters new territory completely.

When you turn on the device, you get a new splash screen. Plus you get a new way to unlock the device and enter into the home screen. Rather than a slide-to-unlock variation, you get a ripple effect and water sound. The design is elegant, and the action is smooth.

Display-wise, the colors and brightness of the screen seem to move more towards a natural look when compared to the Galaxy S2, which has been accused of being "cartoony" with its brighter-than-life colors. I think the color variation and brightness of the S3 has hit a sweet spot.

For watching video content or viewing pictures, the S3 is clearly the best device on the market due to the large 4.8" diameter Super AMOLED display. I would have thought a screen this big would have been clumsy and bulky. But surprisingly, I didn't find it to be cumbersome during my test period. Conversely, I found my S2 to be too small when returning to that device.

The Galaxy S3 is not just shaped great in the X-Y plane. It's also impressive in the Z-plane with its razor thin depth dimension. The edges are rounded, but it doesn't sacrifice depth. You loose the big hump found on the S2, and the thinness of the device makes it less obtrusive considering the larger display.

Something that I absolutely LOVE about the S3 is the physical home button. This was a grand slam home run in my book. The shape is an elongated oval, unlike the round home button found on the iPhone 4S. I truly missed my physical home button when I ditched my iPhone for my first Android device, the Galaxy S2. The combination of physical home button plus soft buttons on either side works great. Plus you can double click the home button  for a "recent apps" popup.

I have plenty more to report about, but I am going to have to chop up my reivew into parts to keep this from turning into a novel. But the evidence presented thus far is good enough to prove that this is a successful and significant upgrade for the Galaxy line.

By the time I am done with my review series, there will be no doubt that anyone trying to make an argument that the Galaxy S3 was not a major upgrade must obviously be a paid troll. That or just a plain chowder head. Sorry trolls and chowder heads, you have been officially rebuffed!

Watch for Samsung Galaxy S3 Review Part 2. We'll talk more about the hardware, and then we'll hit the software and functionality on Part 3!

Carlton Flowers
Non-Chowder Head Samsung Reviewer

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Why You Shouldn't Buy Your Samsung Galaxy S3 From Sprint


If your heart is set on buying the monumental Samsung Galaxy S3 superphone and you are a Sprint customer, I have a bit of advice for you before you spend your money and lock into a contract: SWITCH TO AT&T.

That's pretty blunt advice. And don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to bash or be overly critical of Sprint. Nor am I just "promoting" AT&T. But it's for your own good, and it's due to the hardware that is built into the new Galaxy S3.

Here's the deal...

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has an LTE 4G radio built in. Sprint does not carry any 4G LTE service. Their version of 4G is "WiMax". It's a completely different standard on its own separate hardware network.

WiMax service is going the way of the dinosaur, and that is why many smartphone manufacturers are getting away from it. Samsung has decided not to invest in equipping the Sprint version of the SGS3 with a WiMax radio.

If you do choose to get a Galaxy S3 from Sprint, just understand that you won't be able to run it on their WiMax network. As a matter of fact, you won't even get to run it on the enhanced HSPA+ 4G network (the 2nd-generation of 3G service) like you can through AT&T and T-Mobile.

With your new Sprint SGS3, the best you will get is "EVDO" 3G service on the CDMA network. If you don't know what that means, all you need to know is that it old, slow, and outdated. EVDO 3G is slower than regular GSM 3G service, and it is far slower than HSPA+ "4G" service.

This all might sound confusing, sure enough. But to make it simple, you have 2 types of 4G service with AT&T: They are HSPA+ 4G, and LTE 4G. HSPA+ is the enhanced 3G network which has been enabled to run at tremendously higher speeds than that of standard 3G. 4G LTE is a completely new hardware network that is absolutly mind-boggling blazing fast in download speeds.

So if you are putting your money down on a Galaxy S3 from Sprint, you better understand that you are buying into a network that is basically two generations old when compared to AT&T, Verizon, or even T-Mobile.

If you are patient and you just love Sprint as a provider, you'll eventually get 4G LTE service. But it could be a while before you see it. They do plan on rolling out several major cities this year, but the majority of customers will not see LTE 4G service for a year or two.

And now you know the ressssst, of the story!

Carlton Flowers
Good Day!


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Samsung Galaxy S3 Due To Hit The Scene In June


Hot new rumors are swirling about a June 20th 2012 release of the epic new flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S3 on all carriers!

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint have all confirmed the eventual landing of the new Galaxy superphone, and it's looking highly likely that we will see it hit the carrier stores this summer. The colors of white, blue, and gray have been kicked around, and it will definitely feature a fully redesigned form factor.

One big change that I had originally not suspected to come to fruition is the addition of a physical home button. It looks like the single home button and 2 soft buttons on the left and right are actually going to appear on the phone. I think this will be a welcomed addition that will add to the simple functionality of the phone.

In the previous generation, the Samsung Galaxy S2 and also with the Galaxy Skyrocket, the European versions featured a physical home button while the US versions had the standard 4 Android soft buttons. Now we will see a unified design for worldwide release.

I'm excited about the new 4.8" diagonal screen form factor and thinner design. This should mean that the "bigger is better" design is here to stay with top flight Android smartphones. As the demand for multimedia content increases due to widespread 4G LTE service, it only makes sense.

We still don't know for sure if Samsung will release the Galaxy S3 ahead of the upcomming iPhone 5, but knowing that the next iPhone will also feature a new form factor and bigger screen, you can guarantee that they will not be in a rush to release it early in the summer.

With the rapid growth of the Android market, it might not make a difference. There are enough people in the US that have firmly committed to the Android platform that I don't believe you'll have many ship-jumpers switching from Android to Apple. Both platforms will have a huge level of success, and there's plenty of room in the market for mega growth.

Right now, 50% of the population of this country packs a smartphone. But there is still a significant number of people who have yet to make the transformation from "feature phone" to smartphone. This pool of people might be large enough to even allow the Windows Phone Mango platform to make a serious splash, but at this point I truly believe that Apple's iOS and Android handsets will reap the greatest reward.

We'll be watching for more details as they become more solid. But there's enough exciting information about the Samsung Galaxy S3 superphone to all but guarantee that this will be my next early upgrade in October of 2012!

Carlton Flowers
Galaxy Watcher



Samsung Galaxy S3 - Seriously Exciting Features!


We're a few months away from the release of Samsung's next flagship device, the Galaxy S3. We're not sure at this point what the official name will be, but the hardware details on this phone are clear.

We've talked about the amazing display on this device, but let's focus on a few other things that have me chewing my fingernails in anticipation!

Wireless Charging

You'll be able to charge your Samsung Galaxy S3 without a cord. Instead, you'll be using a charging pad that utilizes magnetic resonance, or "inductive charging", to recharge the battery. Just set it on the pad, and the charging starts.

Lightweight Design

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be sporting a huge 4.8" display, which all but blinds my eyes in comparison to the tiny 3.5" display found on the current iPhone 4S. But here's the "wow factor"... the S3 weighs in at 133 grams. The tiny iPhone 4S? A chubby 140 grams.

Smart Stay

One annoying thing about using smartphones that are in battery-saving auto dim mode is that the screen goes dim when you are trying to read something. The Galaxy S3 will use "Smart Stay" to keep the screen bright when it senses a user's hand near the screen, or the user's face. That's amazing.

S Beam

You'll be able to transfer files from one Galaxy S3 to another with the S Beam feature. It's like "Bump", but better. Just place the devices back-to-back, and you'll be able to transfer music, notes, pictures, or any type of file that is stored on your smartphone.

Tremendous Storage

The Galaxy S3 uses MicroSDXS storage card technogy. That means you'll be able to add a whopping 64 gigabytes of extra storage space to the phone if you so desire. Add that to the existing built-in memory of 16, 32, or 64 gigabytes, and you've got a lot of honking memory.

Best Photo

Your Galaxy S3 smartphone will be able to take 20 pictures in rapid fashion, then pick the best 8 for you to select from and save your favorite pics. Features like this truly gray the line inbetween high-end DSLR camera and smartphone camera.

Direct Call

Let's say you are having a text conversation with a friend. Just pick up your phone and place it on your ear. The Samsung Galaxy S3 will call that person automatically just from the gesture!

So that's a nice roundup of some of the things that really caught my attention with Samsung's newest Galaxy smartphone. I'm sure there will be more to come as details are unveiled, but this is enough to get my heart racing!

Are these new features cool enough to make you pull a couple hundred bucks out of your pocket for an upgrade this summer? Would you chose this smartphone over the next iPhone? Would you switch from an iPhone 4S to a Samsung Galaxy S2? Chime in, share your thoughts!

Carlton Flowers
Galaxy Gazer


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Samsung Galaxy S3 Boasting Big Beautiful Display


The Samsung Galaxy S3 superphone is out in the open and scheduled to be released around the world in 2012. This is a significant and monumental leap from the current Galaxy S2 phone, and there’s a lot to talk about with Samsung’s newest Galaxy flagship model.

There are enough things to discuss about this smartphone that I could write a detailed 10-page report. But today, all I want to talk about is the display, it’s size, and the new form factor of the Galaxy S3 model.

Samsung has changed the world of smartphones with its Super AMOLED Plus display. I didn’t think it would be possible to create something of a noticeable upgrade on the quality of the display for the next Galaxy phone. But somehow, they pulled it off.

The resolution of the Galaxy S3 will sport a 1280x760 pixel density which will rival Apple’s Retina Display now seen in the current iPhone 4S. But they have not just jammed more pixels into the screen, they also upgraded the color saturation. From the sounds of it, I think the new display will seem more realistic and less “cartoony”.

The size of the digitizer is a whopping 4.8” in diagonal. That’s a big leap from the current 4.3” size of the Galaxy S2, but still less than the ginormous 5.3” display featured on the Galaxy Note smartphone/tablet hybrid. They claim that it is still operable with one hand with the extra half inch of screen real estate.

The bigger display is a welcomed idea to me, because each increase in size will only take me farther away from the "need" to own a tablet computer. Right now, the 4.3” size of my Galaxy S2 barely keeps me on this side of not buying a tablet. So 4.8” is even better in that regard.

The form factor of the Galaxy S3 has changed. I actually preferred the shape of the Galaxy S2 over the Galaxy Skyrocket because of the sharper corners versus the rounded oval shape. This might be a carryover from looking at my iPhone 4 for the previous year. I didn’t like the oval shape when I first saw the Galaxy S3, but it’s starting to grow on me.

The rounder, more oval-like shape is probably going to mean that the phone will jam into my pocket a lot easier. It’s also going to mean a smoother more ergonomic feel while gripping the phone. I guess I will quickly get used to that.

One of the biggest technological breakthroughs with the display on the Galaxy S3 is its ability to dim the screen when you aren’t looking at it. If you are paying attention to your screen, the camera will be able to “see” your eyes. When it detects that your eyes have gone elsewhere, it will save the battery and go into dim mode, but pop back on when your gaze returns. That is an amazing feat!

Lastly, I am hoping to see the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 to ship with the oval elongated physical home button on the bottom of the screen. From the pictures, it looks like the button will come with a software button on either side. I love the idea of this, maybe because of my iPhone background.

So there you have it. The big beautiful display of the Samsung Galaxy S3 which will certainly catch people's eyes when it is released in the summer of 2012. It's enough to get me dreaming of the third generation Samsung flagship device!

Stay tuned for more details and opinion on the Galaxy S3, and please post your comments about what excites you most about the new display! Or not...

Carlton Flowers
Samsung Gadgeteer