Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket Is One High-Flying Gadget


My wife has had a Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket 4G LTE smartphone now for 6 months. I bought it for her after Thanksgiving on a "Cyber Monday" sale for an undisclosed ridiculously low price. Now it's time to spill the beans on how it has performed!

First of all, let me tell you this... I had just purchased my own Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone one month before buying my wife's Galaxy Skyrocket. I am still pretty salty the whole deal, because I am the gadget nerd, not my wife, and she has the more technologically advanced device.

While I am seriously jealous of my wife's Galaxy Skyrocket, I am still 100% pleased with my Galaxy SII smartphone. We'll get into that on my next post. But for now, let me tell you what I love so much about the wife's Skyrocket.

First of all, the screen size is ever-so-slightly-larger at 4.5" in diagonal size versus 4.3" on my S2. The Super AMOLED Plus display is just spanking amazing. For me, bigger is better, and I love the extra size that the Galaxy Skyrocket sports. From what I have observed, you're not going to find a better display on the market than that of the Samsung Super AMOLED.

Watching video content, whether it be movies, television shows, or YouTube videos, cannot be beat on this device. Somehow, the engineers who came up with this display have perfected the contrast and color brilliance to where it is almost more vivid than real life. And that is no exaggeration.

Surfing the net and downloading content on the Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket is an absolute pleasure. This is a 4G LTE phone running on AT&T's latest greatest network, plus it drops back to the enhanced HSPA+ 4G network when you're not in an LTE coverage area.

While visiting St. Louis a couple of weeks ago, I was downloading on my wife's Skyrocket at 32Mbps, while uploading at 6Mbps. Comparitively, my Galaxy S2 was downloading at 11Mbps and uploading at 2Mbps (still respectable). Internet data transfer speeds are insane when using your device in an LTE area.

The Galaxy Skyrocket is no slouch when it comes to functionality and computing power. It is packing a dual core 1.5GHz processor, and has no problem pushing applications and multitasking. You've got 1Gb of RAM to help run several programs at once with no observable lag.

No review of mine would be complete without talking about durability. The Galaxy Skyrocket ranks super high, just like the Galaxy S2 when it comes to its ability to survive drops. The phone is super light, and the screen is made of a Gorilla Glass product. Unlike heavier smartphones made by HTC and Apple, this one is not going to shatter in a gillion pieces when it hits the ground.

As far as looks, you can't get any better than the white Galaxy Skyrocket with the gorgeous sliver trim! This has got to be one of the sweetest-looking smartphones I have ever seen. I ordered the standard black version for my wife, but the new white model comes with the silver trim on the outer edges.

Without getting out of control on the geek talk, I'll wrap this up by telling you that I believe the Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket 4G LTE smartphone from AT&T Wireless is probably one of the best values on the market for the price. Currently, it's only $79.99 with a 2-year contract.

If you are an Android fan and you're due for an upgrade, there's no hesitation in my recommendation that the Skyrocket will will be your best bet. Hands-down.

Carlton Flowers
Gadget Reporter Supreme


Grab the Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket 4G LTE smartphone from Amazon Wireless for as low as $79.99 with a 2-year contract through AT&T today! Enjoy the fantastic 4.5" Super AMOLED Plus display, the powerful 1.5GHz processor, and the blazing fast 4G LTE internet speeds with this popular handset made by Samsung. Get yours while the price is low!


Smartphone Buying Advice for Springtime 2012


I get a lot of questions from friends and family on what smartphone devices to get at the current time. I've decided to start an ongoing series, maybe once a month, to fill you in on what my current picks and advice would be for people who are in the "buy zone".

It's May, 2012, and the smartphone market is as hot as ever. There are a slew of new phones coming right around the corner, and my first word of advisement to anyone is to wait. Just wait it out and see what the summer brings.

We are on the cusp of the Samsung Galaxy S3, and it promises to be a whale of a phone, quite possibly the best ever released on the market. We will also see an iPhone 5 (or the "new iPhone") sometime this summer or early fall. For avid Android and Apple fans that want the cutting-edge stuff, wait it out.

But for those that aren't bent on having the latest-greatest super smartphone device on the market, there are some great values out there right now. The top dogs of the fall are now being offered at firesale prices, and you won't be disappointed. Well, there is the exception of the iPhone 4S, which is not going to be offered at a discount for quite some time.

If you don't have a preference for an operating system, your best bet right at this very moment would be the Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket smartphone. My wife owns one, and she is 100% satisfied.

What I like about the Skyrocket is the extra large 4.5" Super AMOLED Plus display, and the fact that it is a true 4G LTE capable smartphone. Once we get LTE service in Central Missouri, this will be an awesome handset to own.

I have tested out the Galaxy Skyrocket on the AT&T 4G LTE network in St. Louis, and the phone was pulling download speeds of 32Mbps and uploading at 6Mbps. That's monumental. My home cable internet does not run that fast, and we're able to get that on a smartphone.

The Skyrocket is a capable phone when it comes to specs. You have a dual core 1.5GHz cpu, 1Gb of RAM, 16Gb of internal storage, and dual cameras that are the best out there. The rear main camera is an 8Mp, and the front-facing camera is 2Mp. Most are only boasting 1.3Mp on the front.

Besides all of the fantastic cutting edge hardware specs, the Galaxy Skyrocket is duarable. This is one of the best benefits of the Samsung line of Galaxy smartphones. They are durable. I have a Galaxy S2, and I have dropped it many times on super hard surfaces. It has survived all of my abuse.

The Galaxy Skyrocket is built very similar to the Galaxy S2, so you can expect the same durability. One aspect that lends to that super durability is the phone's light weight. The heavier a smartphone, the harder it falls. That might be why I have not destroyed my Galaxy S2 up until now.

Prices on the Galaxy Skyrocket will jump around from week to week. Right now you can nab one for around $79 or higher from the Amazon Wireless store. Hit the link below and you'll be redirected to Amazon where you can purchase your Skyrocket along with a 2-year upgrade.

You'll get a choice between a black verision, and a white version that now comes with a stylish silver rim running the perimeter of the face. You won't be disappointed with either style!

Next time, we'll talk about a few other choices that would work well for May 2012 smartphone buyers. For now, go check out the Skyrocket or hit the link to read more about it at the Amazon Wireless store.

Post your questions and comments. Don't be shy!

Carlton Flowers
Supersmart Smartphone Advisor

Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket