My First Successful Clash Royale Deck - This Started My Dynasty

The Lineup & Strategy That Produced My First Wave of Wins

Deck 2.jpg

This is my first and most successful Clash Royale battle deck. It’s labeled “Deck 2”, but that’s only because I kept this deck in the middle when SuperCell added the ability to have 3 decks rather than one. Of course we now have five, but this is how I got my start!

It took me a little while to get a solid strategy and settle on a winning lineup. But once I did, I got on a roll! This lineup took me all the way through Hog Mountain before I even started experimenting with other decks. I could not be stopped!

Here’s the lineup for my classic Battle Deck:

  1. Knight

  2. Goblin Hut

  3. Barbarians

  4. Spear Goblins

  5. Valkerie

  6. Minion Hoard

  7. Arrows

  8. Witch

As you can see, I’ve got 8 of these at Level 10, one at Level 9, and one at Level 11. But I started this deck from humble beginnings!

Once I started to learn strategy, I was able to use this deck to rip through the arenas in almost unstoppable fashion. I didn’t start hitting a wall until I got deep into Hog Mountain, but I can still consistently win with this deck in Electro Valley.

Battle Deck Strategy

My strategy for this deck is very specific. I ALWAYS start with the Goblin Hut and the Knight, if they are available in the first four blocks. I drop the hut to the left of the right castle, and then the Knight right at the bridge. This way, the Knight provides cover while the Goblins hatch.

One mistake a lot of people make that I have noticed is that they wait for the opponent to make the first move, and then react. I use that against them, especially with this classic deck. While they sit and wait, I drop the Goblin Hut right away, so it can start hatching goblins and creating damage immediately.

If the hut or the Knight are not available in the first shuffle, I would drop the Witch in the lower right corner. The reason is, you give the Witch the time to hatch as many skeletons as possible before she crosses the bridge into battle.

The Arrows guard against air attacks, and the Minion Hoard take down the foes with the highest amount of health. The only danger for the Minion Hoard is the Wizzard’s fire. The Valkerie takes down skeleton hoards, and the Barbarians are great on the attack and also for providing solid defense.

Having the Spear Goblins is a serious advantage, because they are a low-cost option for elixir usage, and they can take down ground and air targets, plus provide a cheap distraction. But the Goblin Hut also provides a good protection to place in front of a tower that is under heavy damage.

No matter how many new characters were released as time went on and the game further developed, I was able to run up a string of W’s with this deck, and I can stymie even the most advanced battle decks with this lineup. It’s not as quick-hitting of a deck, but it has been known to bag a 3-crowner in short order if the shuffle is just right.

Next up will be my second most-favorite deck. It’s got a little fire in it, so that should give you a hint of what is in the lineup! I’d love to hear what you think about my first classic Battle Deck. Drop your comments below and tell me how you have used these classic cards yourself!

Carlton Flowers
Classic Clash Master