How Building a SnapChat Following For Your Business Could Translate Into Solid Profits


Unless you've been living under a rock or completely unplugged from the social media world, you have probably heard that Snapchat is the hot "thing" right now that is grabbing the eyeballs of the younger generation like flies on fly paper.

If you own a business, you have absolutely no excuse for being a no-show on this social network. If you want to grow your customer base and increase your influence, this is where you need to be without question.

But the tough news is, this is not an easy place to build your audience. You can't add random strangers like you can on Twitter, or snipe off new followers from your friend's Facebook connections. On Snapchat, you either have to start by adding existing friends who are both on the app and also in your contacts list, or by meeting face-to-face to exchange your special Snapcode.

As I am writing this post, I have over 4,000 Facebook friends. But at the same time, I only have about 300 Snapchat connections. Of the people that I am connected with, roughly 100 of them watch my video Snap Story on a regular basis. That doesn't sound like a lot. But it is significant.

Here's why...

I post video snaps from the time I leave for work in the morning until bedtime. I start off the day with a motivational message, and I mix it up during the day with anything from informative snaps to acting silly and making people laugh.

Compare that to Facebook, where I post once or twice per week on a *good* week. While I have many more followers on Facebook, Snapchat is not to be overlooked as a valuable business tool.

I use Facebook for posting text messages and pictures. But I use Snapchat like my own reality TV channel. I post regular content with a variety of topics, and I keep people waiting and watching for the next informative or inspirational snap, or crazy thing I'm about to do.

The 100 people that watch my Snap Story on a daily basis could very well be my most highly focused social media network following. I often ask them what they would like to see, and I serve them well and treat them like VIPs.

If you build a small highly focused concentrated following on Snapchat for your business, you might have a gold mine on your hands. Watch this edition of CZTV SnapPro to find out why!

Carlton Flowers
Social Media Influencer Supreme

Coming soon! The insider secrets for turning your Snapchat story into a reality television show!

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