Clash Royale Zappies - Why I'm Currently Obsessed With Them!

How Zappies Pack Power… When They Are Used Correctly

Before I write my post on my second Clash Royale deck, I have to talk about Zappies first! I’ve been completely obsessed with them for a couple of weeks now, and I will give you the secret of how I use them so successfully.

I was not using Zappies before the last update, before they were “nerfed” (modified in the game where power is reduced). I’ve noticed a lot of negative chatter about Zappies post-update, but I don’t have a problem with it because I wasn’t using them anyway.

I just happened to stumble on them during a draft battle for a Clash war. At first, I thought they were weak. Then I found out how dastardly devastating they can be, IF you use them right…

When you are lucky enough to send out the Zappies with cover up ahead, and they park in front of a tower, the way they deploy an attack is amazing. They will actually alternate electric zaps between enemies and the tower. This is very powerful.

If they have enough cover, they will take down a tower with their continued discharge of electric bolts in short order. I was totally surprised how fast my Level 8 Zappies took down a tower, along with an enemy, while under cover.

The trick is analyzing your opponent’s deck FIRST, and then deploying at the right time when you can allow for their slow movement, and at the most optimum moment when the opposing player has used the cards that will deal them the most immediate damage.

My favorite cover for the Zappies would be the Barbarians. After that, the Witch is next because she can deploy skeletons which provide more cover from the tower’s counter attack while the Zappies are making the trip across the bridge to get close and engage.

I’d love to hear your Zappies strategy and analysis, especially if you’ve been using them before and after the update. Sound off in the comments!

Just a side note, in the future I will be recording battles and sharing videos on the blog. I’m going to be using BlueStacks for my desktop Clash Royale play, or possibly Reflector 3 to project and record the footage from the smartphone. I’d love to hear advice on the best way to capture footage if you’re an expert at this too!

Next up, my #2 deck. Stay tuned!

Carlton Flowers
Clash Royalist Supreme