Clash Royale Battle Deck #2 - This One Was On Fire!

My Second Deck Strategy & Why It Worked Well

Deck 1.jpg

Here’s the second Battle Deck in my evolution of Clash Royale. Of course it’s listed as #1, but that’s because my favorite deck was positioned in the middle of the then three decks… for no reason whatsoever, of course!

Let’s talk about the cards that made this combo work so well, starting with my favorite-ever, the Knight.

Combining the Knight with a building worked so well with my first deck, I had to try it on my second test deck. This time, I matched him up with the Furnace building. What a great combo it was.

Whenever the battle started, my favorite opening was the Knight followed by the furnace. The Knight would provide cover for the Fire Spirits coming out of the Furnace.

But whenever I didn’t have the Knight available, I could open up with the Furnace and wait for my opponent’s first move. Leveling up the Furnace to 10 allowed one of the Fire Spirits to hit the opposing tower while the other took hits.

The Valkyrie and the Barbarians also work well in combination with the Furnace when the Knight isn’t available, providing cover for the two Fire Spirits. The Level 10 Arrows worked well against the flying targets in-between the Furnace’s production of Fire Spirits.

The Level 10 Spear Goblins’ awesome speed provided great backup to the muscle, and could also cause immediate damage if allowed over the bridge uncontested. Keeping the Witch for defensive purposes and saving the Elixir worked out well while leaving the majority of the attacks on the other cards.

The Level 11 Minion Hoard gave great reserved defensive power against high health shield card attacks, and the great thing about having the Hoard at Level 11 meant they could withstand the first attack of Arrows by the majority of opponents.

If the opponent was playing the Fire Spirits card, I learned to time the deployment of the Minion Hoard to give me the most time possible for fending off the attacks from the high health shield cards, and most of the time I was lucky to see that this worked.

Moving up the middle levels with this deck was relatively easy, because most of the players have absolutely no strategy and battle sense. This combo pulled a lot of 3-Crown wins whenever I was pitted against the less-than-smart players.

The only vulnerability for this deck is exposed whenever fighting an opponent who understands strategy, where they wait for the first move and then come out with the Wizard. But the best way I would play against the Wizard with this deck was to allow him to cross the bridge before dropping the Barbarians, Valkyrie, or Knight on his head to take him down from the attack and arrow hits from the tower.

I still play this deck to this day, but it’s not as effective in the Elecro Valley arena, where I usually play one of my 3 newer decks. This combo can still rack up a few wins, though!

I’d love to hear your comments about my Classic Battle Deck #2, so chime in! Next post, I’ll be talking about another one of my favorite cards, and how I play it for maximum success. Until then, Clash on.

Carlton Flowers
Royale Clasher Supreme