The Clash Royale Mini Blog For Enthusiasts Has Begun!

Introducing the CZ Clash Royale Mini Blog

I’ve been an avid Clash Royale gamer (addict) for about a year now, and there isn’t a single day that I don’t sit down and play a few rounds of this game. It has been my favorite and only guilty pleasure when it comes to escaping the stress of the day with gaming.

So it’s about time that I start sharing my adventure as I climb up through the levels of the game, and talk strategy on game play with my fellow Clash Royale enthusiasts! But first, I’ll share my story about how I got started playing Clash.

A few years ago, I discovered Boom Beach. It was my first SuperCell gaming experience. I think I discovered it during the hayday of Clash of Clans. I had tried Clash of Clans, but it just didn’t hold me. There was too much going on in the game, and it took far too long for the game play to develop. That’s when Boom Beach came across my path.

I gave Boom Beach a try, and worked it HARD for an entire year. I was definitely addicted, and I had successfully pulled a few of my friends, coworkers, and family members into the game to participate in group play. But it was my coworker Dave who turned my attention to Clash Royale about a year in to Boom Beach.

At first, I thought Clash Royale looked goofy and simplistic. But after trying it, I appreciated the battle concept without the long, laborious, boring waiting involved with Clash of Clans, and also Boom Beach. A few days of testing it out, and we were hooked.

Dave and I ran up the levels, and turned our attention to Clash Royale and away from Boom Beach. He managed to catch on to game strategy a little faster than I did, and I could not compete with him until several months later. But once I started to catch on to the strategy aspect of the game, we were evenly matched!

Dave dropped off about a year ago, and I continued on playing Clash Royale with laser-like focus, and my interest in the game has not dropped off one iota. In fact, it is higher than it has ever been. And that’s why I’ve decided to start the Clash Royale Mini Blog, and find other rabid fans like myself!

I’ll be curious to see how much attention the mini blog generates, and how many fans I find around the world. Time will tell! But stay tuned, because I’ll be sharing my 5 decks on the next several posts, and you’ll see what my strategy is for each deck!

Back to the battle,

Carlton Flowers
Royale Extreme