Clash Royale Battle Deck #3 - Bacon to the Rescue!


Deck 3.jpg

This is Battle Deck #3 that helped me to light it up on my way through the Royal Arenas. It was a combination of classic cards along with a new card at the time, the Royal Hogs.

I absolutely created mayhem with this deck, leveling my opponents with relative ease. What I found that worked best was opening with a decoy, or a cover, and then unleashing the Royal Hogs to take down that first Princess Tower in a blink.

The first rendition of the Royal Hogs was nearly unstoppable. It was a little bit unfair for those who had to go up against them, because they were set to levy massive damage really quick, and their hit points were super high.

My favorite opening was Spear Goblins, then releasing the Hogs right behind them. Reason being, they were the lowest elixir cost to provide somewhat of a distraction, just enough for the hogs to get through and do their thing.

The second best opening was Barbarians, and then Royal Hogs. If the opponent sat on their haunches waiting for your first move, this was the best way to play it. If they wasted time waiting, losing valuable elixir use, this was a great punishment. The only disadvantage was burning through all ten elixir points at once.

The third best use is opening with the Witch down in the farthest corner behind the Princess Tower, giving her time to hatch as many skeletons as possible before unleashing the hogs. This one takes a little bit more time to develop, so there’s no “shock & awe” effect. But it worked equally as well.

The reason why I chose the Minions over the Minion Horde in this deck was all about managing that elixir cost. With a cost of 3 versus 5, the smaller Minion bunch was just enough to provide that backup protection after wasting 8 to 10 elixir on releasing the Hogs with cover.

Sadly, the November 5th Balance Update leveled the playing field and took away 6% of the damage for the Hogs. That doesn’t sound like much, but it made a huge difference in stopping their onslaught. Plus they made them “lose weight”. Slimming down the hogs took away their ability to easily push defenders out of the way during their stampede.

The Royal Hogs are still quite a formidable weapon, but I had to put them aside and wait to level them up to a 9 before I was able to put down the damage like I did before the balance update. I’ve since moved on from the Royal Hogs and have replaced this card with yet another formidable weapon, but I won’t reveal that until after I finish my series covering the classic first five battle decks!

Let me know what you think of the hogs in the comments below, and share with me how YOU use them best to knock down those towers!

Carlton Flowers
Royal Hog Farmer

The Clash Strategy That Everyone Uses, & How You Can Beat It!

The Fatal Flow of The Most Common Clash Strategy

Strategy Buster.jpg

Ever since I have been playing this game, I have noticed that the majority of people deploy the same tactic at the beginning of the game… and it’s a strategy that is tirelessly overused.

It’s the classic “wait-till-your-opponent-makes-the-first-move” strategy. And the funny thing is, 90% of the people who do this will play the Wizard card right after you drop your first attacker.

This frustrated me for quite some time, until I figured out how to get around it and dominate the boring people who use this constantly. But before I give you my best response to fight the “wait-till-they-go-first” tactic, let me tell you why you can expose and defeat your opponents when they deploy this method.

Plain and simply, the waiting tactic is the worst way to manage elixir. The minute you hit ten, you deploy SOMETHING, and keep on moving. The longer your opponent waits to see what you’re going to play, the more of a disadvantage they will be in.

Sure, they might have the advantage by playing the Wizard who can roast your offensive before they get a hit in. But my method of fighting this will solve that problem, and put you at an advantage.

The best way combat this tired old strategy is to drop the Barbarians right behind your King Tower, splitting them into 2 groups. When your opponent plays the Wizard card, 2 of your Barbarians will get roasted. But you can deploy a backup to the Barbarians on the other lane, and they will have a great chance of dealing out some significant damage while you’re building up more elixir to drop a defense card on the Wizard when he crosses the bridge.

If you don’t have the Barbarians available in your opening 4, you can use the Guards. Another method that will work is dropping the Knight in one back corner, and another low-cost elixir card in the opposite corner. This will give your opponent a “pick-your-poison” type of situation to deal with.

The key is to use as many low-cost elixir cards as possible while your opponent sits and waits to see what you are playing. 3/4ths of the time, I am able to defeat my opponents who sit and wait, if my deck is lined up just right. As long as I can keep the elixir cost low right out of the gates, I’m at an advantage.

I’d love to hear your opinion about how YOU bust the “wait-till-they-go-first” strategy, or how well you do using MY method. Chime in below in the comments!

Carlton Flowers
Clash-Buster Extreme

The Clash Royale Mini Blog For Enthusiasts Has Begun!

Introducing the CZ Clash Royale Mini Blog

I’ve been an avid Clash Royale gamer (addict) for about a year now, and there isn’t a single day that I don’t sit down and play a few rounds of this game. It has been my favorite and only guilty pleasure when it comes to escaping the stress of the day with gaming.

So it’s about time that I start sharing my adventure as I climb up through the levels of the game, and talk strategy on game play with my fellow Clash Royale enthusiasts! But first, I’ll share my story about how I got started playing Clash.

A few years ago, I discovered Boom Beach. It was my first SuperCell gaming experience. I think I discovered it during the hayday of Clash of Clans. I had tried Clash of Clans, but it just didn’t hold me. There was too much going on in the game, and it took far too long for the game play to develop. That’s when Boom Beach came across my path.

I gave Boom Beach a try, and worked it HARD for an entire year. I was definitely addicted, and I had successfully pulled a few of my friends, coworkers, and family members into the game to participate in group play. But it was my coworker Dave who turned my attention to Clash Royale about a year in to Boom Beach.

At first, I thought Clash Royale looked goofy and simplistic. But after trying it, I appreciated the battle concept without the long, laborious, boring waiting involved with Clash of Clans, and also Boom Beach. A few days of testing it out, and we were hooked.

Dave and I ran up the levels, and turned our attention to Clash Royale and away from Boom Beach. He managed to catch on to game strategy a little faster than I did, and I could not compete with him until several months later. But once I started to catch on to the strategy aspect of the game, we were evenly matched!

Dave dropped off about a year ago, and I continued on playing Clash Royale with laser-like focus, and my interest in the game has not dropped off one iota. In fact, it is higher than it has ever been. And that’s why I’ve decided to start the Clash Royale Mini Blog, and find other rabid fans like myself!

I’ll be curious to see how much attention the mini blog generates, and how many fans I find around the world. Time will tell! But stay tuned, because I’ll be sharing my 5 decks on the next several posts, and you’ll see what my strategy is for each deck!

Back to the battle,

Carlton Flowers
Royale Extreme