5-10-2019 IOST Chart Looking Better Than Ever On All Levels


IOST 1 - Year.jpg

I haven’t seen IOST chart out like this in over a year. In fact, I haven’t seen any of the alts look so good on all levels of the chart. If I had to make an educated guess, I would say that IOST is positioned quite well for the altcoin run in 2019.

I’ve been sitting on this coin since first buying a bag in 2017, before the historic BTC run to $19,000. I watched IOST spike, and fall tremendously in the bear market in 2018 and through the present time. I put IOST on the shelf, and have not thought much about it since then. But yesterday I happened to give a closer look to the price action, and this is what I observed.

For starters, let’s look at the 1-year price line. Coming down from resulting spikes during the fall from the all-time high, IOST settled into a fairly quiet period of accumulation.

IOST 2 - 3mo.jpg

The price line remained flat for better than 6 months. Then the volume spike came out of nowhere, and we wee the classic “bump” in price. This is the first clue that I look for that must precede a new bull market. Very low volume followed by a buying frenzy, bump up in price line, and a correction to levels above the accumulation base.

Moving right along, let’s zoom in closer and see what IOST looks like on the 3-month price line chart. What we see here is a definite overall trend to the positive, following the correction that came after the volume and price spike.

This is exactly what we want to see pre-bull run. If the price had corrected to a point at or below the accumulation base, I would have called this a false alarm. But there is a consistent, definite overall uptrend shown by the dashed yellow line that we can call an ascending base.

It’s even nicer to see that ending spike bouncing off of the ascending baseline. It will be a key determining factor on whether or not IOST can continue this trend. If the price line does not violate that base line, we could end up seeing a massive ascending triangle, or “pennant” formation. It’s gonna be party time if that’s what is in the cards.

IOST 3 - 1mo.jpg

Let’s zoom in even further and see what the 1-month price action shows us. For half of the month, we’ve been on that nice overall ascending trend line, ending with the bump of volume on the end of the 3-month chart that we can see a little bit closer.

Momentum up on the monthly compliments the positive momentum on the 3-month and 1-year price lines quite nicely, and you rarely ever see this.

I was so pleasantly surprised to see such a nice continuation of the evidence supporting a bullish pre-run, if that’s even a word. Some people would rather call this the “consolidation phase”, where the hike in volume comes along with a higher trading range. This chart definitely supports that assessment.

But well pound it down even closer, and see if the 7-day chart still paints a bullish trend.

IOST 4 - 7day.jpg

The 7-day price line chart is where I really start to pay attention for helping on buying and selling points. It’s really important to know if you’re at a reversal point, or still trading in an upward or downward channel before you decide to jump in and buy, or sell. Looking at the IOST 7-day chart, it’s still looking like this token is in play.

You’ve still got a clear view of that ascending baseline with a consistent trading range above it, ending on a nice note. And the volume bars coincide well with the price peaks. That’s nice.

There’s nothing worse than seeing a coin go on a run on little to no volume. That smacks of manipulation. But this chart looks like it makes sense, with the volume to price relationship.

If I wanted to buy in, or grab a few more bags of this coin, I’m looking for a swing point off the top of the recent peak with a target down on the yellow ascending baseline. Of course it’s never a guarantee for things to work out perfectly, but that’s the best way you can go about it when you’re trying to come in with the most leverage.

So let’s zoom in even further, and see how it looked for the day on the 24-hour chart, and then zone in to the 1-hour chart!

IOST 5 - 24hr.jpg

Okay, this is a gorgeous 1-day price line. Zooming in on this 24-hour view, the price action is equally impressive, bouncing along the ascending trend line. When we see a 24-hour chart like this, it makes it super easy to find a buying point. It just doesn’t get any better.

The volume bars still coincide nicely with the price peaks, and the corrections find firm support along the base line without losing ground. That’s very attractive.

Whenever you zoom in and find a sloppy chart with erratic action that doesn’t obey any trend lines, it makes it hard to settle on buying and selling points.

Taking it all the way in to the 1-hour price chart, I was shocked to see yet another beautiful work of art that would make child’s play of buying in. You’ve got a trend line that is easily depicted, and volume bars that match the surges in price. And it ends on a bullish note!

IOST 6 - 1hr.jpg

I would absolutely love it if I could find cryptos with price action charts that look like this, where it paints a clear picture all the way from the 1-year chart down to the 24-hour and even 1-hour charts. But sadly, this is a rare occurrence. I don’t know if I’ll ever even see anything like this again, so it was fun to document it for future reference.

This is what the crypto trader or HODLr has to keep their eyes peeled for when on the hunt for grabbing coins with a potentially explosive future. The charts can be very telling, and these are the patterns I watch out for.

The way I see it, you have to play it as if you could lose 100% of your money, while looking for the evidence that might give you the chance to grab something at an extremely low price that might take a moon shot in the future. That way you minimize risk, and maximize your slim chances of striking it rich.

That’s what makes crypto prospecting fun and exciting!

Carlton Flowers
The CryptoPro