5-27-2019 IOST Continuing Strong Uptrend Move


IOST 5-27-2019.png

As we approach June 1st, my eyes are on this current trend. I’ve been watching this movement for the entire month, and it’s only getting better. Will it continue through the month of June, or will IOST take a summer break?

Looking at this chart, we had a bit of a correction phase that ended on May the 23rd. Since then, the general baseline has been on the incline. If the 5-day EMA were shown on this simple chart, you would see the price action bouncing off of that line.

It’s hard to believe that the all-time high for 2019 is only 0.014, as we rapidly approach that level during this bull run. If the run continues, I look for 0.014 to be surpassed before the 1st of June. All bets are off after that point, because summertime has not been nice to the altcoin market in the past. But we shall see.

Do your due diligence, and as usual, this isn’t financial advice. Use your head. Don’t play with money you cannot afford to lose. Let me know what YOU think IOST will do in the next few days, if you have some technical analysis to share.

Now let’s have some fun and watch this thing play out in the next few days!

Carlton Flowers
The CryptoPro