The Clash Strategy That Everyone Uses, & How You Can Beat It!

The Fatal Flow of The Most Common Clash Strategy

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Ever since I have been playing this game, I have noticed that the majority of people deploy the same tactic at the beginning of the game… and it’s a strategy that is tirelessly overused.

It’s the classic “wait-till-your-opponent-makes-the-first-move” strategy. And the funny thing is, 90% of the people who do this will play the Wizard card right after you drop your first attacker.

This frustrated me for quite some time, until I figured out how to get around it and dominate the boring people who use this constantly. But before I give you my best response to fight the “wait-till-they-go-first” tactic, let me tell you why you can expose and defeat your opponents when they deploy this method.

Plain and simply, the waiting tactic is the worst way to manage elixir. The minute you hit ten, you deploy SOMETHING, and keep on moving. The longer your opponent waits to see what you’re going to play, the more of a disadvantage they will be in.

Sure, they might have the advantage by playing the Wizard who can roast your offensive before they get a hit in. But my method of fighting this will solve that problem, and put you at an advantage.

The best way combat this tired old strategy is to drop the Barbarians right behind your King Tower, splitting them into 2 groups. When your opponent plays the Wizard card, 2 of your Barbarians will get roasted. But you can deploy a backup to the Barbarians on the other lane, and they will have a great chance of dealing out some significant damage while you’re building up more elixir to drop a defense card on the Wizard when he crosses the bridge.

If you don’t have the Barbarians available in your opening 4, you can use the Guards. Another method that will work is dropping the Knight in one back corner, and another low-cost elixir card in the opposite corner. This will give your opponent a “pick-your-poison” type of situation to deal with.

The key is to use as many low-cost elixir cards as possible while your opponent sits and waits to see what you are playing. 3/4ths of the time, I am able to defeat my opponents who sit and wait, if my deck is lined up just right. As long as I can keep the elixir cost low right out of the gates, I’m at an advantage.

I’d love to hear your opinion about how YOU bust the “wait-till-they-go-first” strategy, or how well you do using MY method. Chime in below in the comments!

Carlton Flowers
Clash-Buster Extreme