Clash Royale Battle Deck #3 - Bacon to the Rescue!


Deck 3.jpg

This is Battle Deck #3 that helped me to light it up on my way through the Royal Arenas. It was a combination of classic cards along with a new card at the time, the Royal Hogs.

I absolutely created mayhem with this deck, leveling my opponents with relative ease. What I found that worked best was opening with a decoy, or a cover, and then unleashing the Royal Hogs to take down that first Princess Tower in a blink.

The first rendition of the Royal Hogs was nearly unstoppable. It was a little bit unfair for those who had to go up against them, because they were set to levy massive damage really quick, and their hit points were super high.

My favorite opening was Spear Goblins, then releasing the Hogs right behind them. Reason being, they were the lowest elixir cost to provide somewhat of a distraction, just enough for the hogs to get through and do their thing.

The second best opening was Barbarians, and then Royal Hogs. If the opponent sat on their haunches waiting for your first move, this was the best way to play it. If they wasted time waiting, losing valuable elixir use, this was a great punishment. The only disadvantage was burning through all ten elixir points at once.

The third best use is opening with the Witch down in the farthest corner behind the Princess Tower, giving her time to hatch as many skeletons as possible before unleashing the hogs. This one takes a little bit more time to develop, so there’s no “shock & awe” effect. But it worked equally as well.

The reason why I chose the Minions over the Minion Horde in this deck was all about managing that elixir cost. With a cost of 3 versus 5, the smaller Minion bunch was just enough to provide that backup protection after wasting 8 to 10 elixir on releasing the Hogs with cover.

Sadly, the November 5th Balance Update leveled the playing field and took away 6% of the damage for the Hogs. That doesn’t sound like much, but it made a huge difference in stopping their onslaught. Plus they made them “lose weight”. Slimming down the hogs took away their ability to easily push defenders out of the way during their stampede.

The Royal Hogs are still quite a formidable weapon, but I had to put them aside and wait to level them up to a 9 before I was able to put down the damage like I did before the balance update. I’ve since moved on from the Royal Hogs and have replaced this card with yet another formidable weapon, but I won’t reveal that until after I finish my series covering the classic first five battle decks!

Let me know what you think of the hogs in the comments below, and share with me how YOU use them best to knock down those towers!

Carlton Flowers
Royal Hog Farmer